February 15th, 2017


My Monster Secret volume 5

We'd probably get a lot more work done if we would stop sabotaging our own schedule. But! it's our friend's birthday today, and we're actually going to see her because there's a Relief Society activity that we're going to (and she's driving us), so naturally we had to go buy her a present. The only place we can think to do that is Disneyland (I mean, I guess we could go to Target...), so off we went. We also went to Village Haus, because they officially announced that Village Haus is going to be transformed into Red Rose Taverne, which is something we have very mixed feelings about because yay! Beauty and the Beast! But we were just commenting, the last time we ate at Village Haus, that the decor was so lovely and so detailed, and it was so obvious that this place belonged to Gepetto, and it was just so nice. So I took my iPad and we took pictures of everything for posterity. Or something like that.

(Although, looking at the announcement again, it says the Beauty and the Beast stuff is going to be for a limited time, and Red Rose Taverne will be "draped with inviting curtains," so it's possible that they really aren't going to permanently change Village Haus. Nevertheless, it's not a bad idea to have pictures, because we won't know how they really do it until we see it.) (Also, they have something called "the Grey Stuff" in Florida, which we're told is some sort of a dessert item, thus making it not like the actual grey stuff from the real movie, because that was on an hors d'oeuvre, which means it was probably something savory like, I don't know, mustard? I think it was around then that the Grey Poupon commercials were so popular. Anyway, Disneyland is going to have "our own version" of the Grey Stuff, so we'll see how that goes.)

And while we were at the park, we took in a show at the Royal Theatre, because it was only ten minutes to showtime when we walked by and we figured why not. And then Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones seemed happy to see us shouting huzzah in the back. We discovered today that they changed the instructions on when to shout huzzah and fie. It used to be that when you see something or someone you like, you shout huzzah, and when you see something or someone you don't like, you shout fie. Now the instructions are when we see someone on stage doing it, you do it, too. That makes us sad on many levels, but we understand why it had to be done. Ah well.

Anyway, it's Review Rednesday! This week we have My Monster Secret volume 5! Is anybody reading along? Spoiler level: moderate.

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As for this week's releases, we have just the one: Nekogahara 2! I will always shake my head at that volume. *shakes head*

Join us next week, for our review of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! volume 3!

Today I'm thankful for finding a nice gift for our friend, Village Haus still being open and not closed for its transformation (oh no, what if they stop serving pizza!?), getting to enjoy a show at the Royal Theatre (as they were taking their bows, Mr. Jones said, "Thank you, ladies!" and we're pretty sure he was referring to us, although we have been pretty tired today, so it's possible there was an, "and gentlemen!" that we didn't catch), getting to buy some discount Valentine's chocolate for ourselves, and

ETA: ...and apparently I got distracted before I finished this. So...and I'm thankful for the lovely time we had at the Relief Society activity tonight.