January 17th, 2017


Thinky thoughts

Today's schedule turned out to be a little weird because I have an orthodontist appointment today, and I scheduled it at kind of an awkward time. So now we're all ready to go, but we have about twenty minutes, which isn't really enough time to get back to work, and also isn't enough time to watch an episode of anime. So we figure we might as well update LiveJournal.

...Not that I know what to talk about. There is one thing that's been on my mind, but it's kind of a hot button issue. There's a lot of talk going on about the inauguration, and whether or not you'd be supporting Hitler to go. ...Actually, most of what I've seen is people saying that yes, you would be supporting Hitler to go to the inauguration. This was especially big on our Facebook feed because the Mormon Tabernacle Choir agreed to sing there, and a lot of our LDS friends--both liberal and conservative--were pretty upset about it. I've thought about it a lot, and in my mind, I think performing at the inauguration, in this case, is less about honoring the new president and more about honoring our nation. But I guess that all is going to depend on what they sing.

But anyway, someone on Facebook made a point that I think is very important. He said that the inauguration isn't so much a celebration of a specific person as it is a ceremony where the new president takes the oath of office, and the public, by witnessing the ceremony, binds them to that oath. They promise to do their best to be a good president and to honor the Constitution. Attending the inauguration, then, isn't necessarily a way to say, "Hey, I think this new president is cool!" It can also be a way to say, "I'm not so sure about this guy; let's at least make sure he takes the oath of office so we can hold him to it."

...On the other hand, if he does start doing things against the Constitution, it's not like he's going to say, "Gotcha! I never took any oath!" So maybe it's kind of a moot point. But I do think that attending the inauguration isn't necessarily a sign that you like the new president.

And that's my brief thought for the day.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work, having plans to go to Joe's Italian Ice, having warm layers for after we've eaten water ice, not having a cat stampede when Page decided she wanted to open the door and not go outside at lunch time, and Asahi turning out not to be entirely clueless.