January 14th, 2017


Fire Force love

Today has mostly been a day of escapism...although, come to think of it, it's not like we did a lot of that, either. Saturdays go by so quickly, due in large part to our usually sleeping two hours later than we do on weekdays.

But yes, escapism. It mostly came in the form of watching anime and letting ourselves be distracted by things like interviews. I don't even remember why it came up, but in the volume of Fire Force we're currently working on, Atsushi Ohkubo says something that has us really wanting to see the rumored TV spot about the English version of the manga. (For those of you wondering what I'm talking about, we've been told that they did a TV spot about the English version of the manga. That's all we know about it. We don't know when they did it, or if it's already been on TV, or what network it is/was on, or anything. Only that it exists.) So we thought, since Kodansha has a YouTube channel and everything, maybe it's up online and we can watch it. (And speaking of letting ourselves get distracted, we went to look up said channel and stopped to watch Studio C's Greek gods sketch. When it was over, I totally forgot what we were doing.)

We didn't find anything about the TV spot, but we did find Ohkubo-sensei's Twitter, so we followed it for a while, and it had a link to an interview with him and Mamoru Miyano (who played Death the Kid in Soul Eater). We may have mentioned an interview like that being in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and we tried to get our hands on it but ended up getting the issue right before the interview! But now here was either that very interview or one very much like it, so we read the whole thing! And I remember there being some things that I wanted to share on LJ, but I'm not sure what they are now. There was one part that I definitely remember, but I gotta save that one for the review of volume three or it will be a spoiler.

Okay, I think I remember some of it! The interviewer mentioned how in Soul Eater, they pretty much just kill people willy-nilly, while in Fire Force they seem to value life more. Ohkubo-sensei explained that yeah, back when he started Soul Eater, there was a lot of manga out there that was really serious about the value of life, and he was like, "Dude, you're so preachy. It's just entertainment, let's have fun with it!" Then when he started Fire Force, there was a lot of manga out there that was just killing people left and right, so he thought, "Guys, let's value life a little more." He also said that the idea for Fire Force came from his desire to come up with a new kind of zombie, and the idea that zombies on fire would be pretty scary. But since he's not a movie director and couldn't make a movie with zombies on fire, he made a manga instead. And he said he's deliberately giving it fantasy elements so that people won't be like, "Why don't you just do a live action thing?" As a fan of animation, I appreciate that kind of thinking.

Naturally there was talk about Soul Eater. We discovered that it was Takehito Koyasu (who voiced Excalibur) who wrote the Excalibur theme song, which has brought us much amusement whenever we remember it. It's hard to stay upset about something with that piece of ridiculousness going through your head. Although, I guess if you were the type to be upset by that brand of ridiculousness, it would only exacerbate the problem. Legend has it, in the episode where they use the song for the eyecatch, they didn't only play it during the eyecatch, but throughout the entire commercial break. Ohkubo-sensei admitted that that was his idea, and Miyano-kun commented that wow, when adults mess around, they can pull off some amazing things. #adultinglikeaboss

And of course, since they were talking to a voice actor, they asked him who he'd like to play in a Fire Force anime. His first answer was Shinra, and Ohkubo-sensei said the two are a lot a like in his mind. He'd also like to play the captain of Company 7, who first shows up in volume four. And Ohkubo-sensei suggested that he'd also make a good Lieutenant Hinawa. So now when you read Fire Force, you can pick one of those characters and imagine Mamoru Miyano's voice! (Arthur was also mentioned as someone he could play, because he's sort of the "Death the Kid" of Fire Force...which reminds me, Ohkubo-sensei did say that Company 8 was like a family, with Captain Obi as the father, Hinawa as the mother, Maki as the big sister, Iris as the little sister, and Arthur...as the pet. There was a reason he needed to be the pet, but I don't remember what it was. Miyano-kun commented that he'd make a good watchdog.)

And there you have it for our report of that interview. The rest of our escapism involved watching Fuuka on Crunchyroll. We decided we need to be up on all the Kodansha anime, since for two years in a row now, there's been a Kodansha manga artist at Anime Expo, and both times it was one who had their work animated. So we also need to watch Interviews with Monster Girls, and find out what all else is out there. They seem to mostly animate stuff we're not translating. What's up with that?

Today I'm thankful for finding that Fire Force interview, having more fancy new cookie dough to try (lemon blueberry!), getting to watch some new anime (we still need to finish the second season of Bungo Stray Dogs...), the Studio C Greek gods sketch, and the Excalibur song.