January 12th, 2017



We are so out of touch with the world of entertainment that we only just today found out that Martin Scorsese has a new movie out called Silence. And we found out because one of the Japanese tourism pages we follow on Facebook posted about it (they were like, "Hey, did you know this new movie was filmed in Nagasaki?"). Of course it's not the first movie we ever knew about that was filmed in Japan, but this one has significance in our lives because it's based on a book by Shusaku Endo, and we actually read that book in college.

As a matter of fact, one of our Japanese professors--the one who taught the class that was basically on translating literature--was one of the official translators for Shusaku Endo. If I remember correctly, he read one of Endo-sensei's books and was really impressed by it, so he wrote a fan letter telling Endo-sensei that he'd really like to translate...either that book or any book of Endo-sensei's someday, so the author wrote him back and said, "Here's how you can contact my publisher." So for that class, we read a lot of books that were translated by our professor and written by Shusaku Endo. (He wasn't that self-centered. We read other books, too, and sometimes he'd pass out one of his in-progress translations and have us critique it. He's also the teacher that threatened to report us to the Honor Code Office for having our classmates forge our friends' signatures on our Masquerade applications for Anime Expo (we had their permission, just not their physical presence). We were so afraid he wasn't joking until he commented on another classmate's temporary tattoo, and then used the word sadomasochism and figured he'd have to report himself, too.)

Actually, we didn't read Silence for that class, or even for our Japanese major. We read it for one of the general education world history classes. Why? Because it's about a Jesuit missionary who was in Japan during the time when the Japanese government was killing all the Christians. I don't remember how exactly that fit into the curriculum, but I'm sure it made sense.

And now, here we are, learning that there's a movie of this book, and even though we were late to find out about it, it's still in theaters! But! it's not playing at the movie theater that we can walk to. So our options are to take the bus, ask someone to take us to see a movie that is 98% guaranteed to depress them (not all of Shusaku Endo's books have sad endings, but Silence is definitely not one of the happier ones), or wait for it to come out on DVD and/or Netflix. ...I think we're probably going to end up doing the latter. That's probably the best idea, because then we'll feel more comfortable snacking during it, and I'm betting some kind of comfort food will be necessary for this movie. Or we'll skip it because it's rated R, and I'm pretty sure that would be for violence. But we're sure the visuals will be stunning.

And speaking of stunning visuals, we finished Yuri on Ice last night. It did not win us over, but it was pretty.

Today I'm thankful for Super Ottotto, finishing our translation of Land of the Lustrous, getting our comp copies of Fire Force 2, having some time to watch anime today, and finding out about that Silence movie even if we never watch it or watch the VidAngel version.