January 11th, 2017


The Prince in His Dark Days, volume 2

Work is proving to be a challenge today. Not so much of a challenge that we need to push ourselves to work overtime, but enough of one that we'll need to finish it tomorrow if we don't want to work overtime. Since we're in a combination of "must finish everything NOW" mode (mostly based on our future schedule, which is not really overloaded, but is full of things that tend to be time-consuming) and "I don't waaaanna spend all my time wooorrrking" mode, I have mixed feelings about this.

But anyway, it's Review Rednesday! This week we present to you The Prince in His Dark Days volume two! Spoiler level: mild, but not being familiar with the volume might make the review confusing.

Collapse )

And as for releases this week, there were actually a whole three of them! We have In/Spectre 2, That Wolf-Boy Is Mine! 3, and My Monster Secret 5! Nekogahara 2 was originally scheduled to come out this week, but due to deficiencies in time travel technology, its release has been pushed back to next month. It will be the perfect Valentine's Day gift! (No it will not. Especially not this volume.)

Tune in next week, for our review of Corpse Party Omnibus 3!

Today I'm thankful for work not being nearly as challenging as it could have been, getting our YumeTwins box yesterday, getting our Tokyo Treat box today, the sushi gummies not actually being sushi flavored, and dreams of the perfect dessert pizza.