January 9th, 2017


A Tiger Walks

After some consideration, we have decided to finish watching Yuri on Ice because we said we were going to watch all of it and consarnate, we're going to watch all of it. But we'll be keeping our negativity about it to ourselves, and not post about it here anymore unless suddenly we start to love it.

And so instead, let's talk about something else we watched! We have a bunch of DVDs we bought piling up and going unwatched, and since we have so much free time on Sundays now, we decided to watch one! Of course, the tricky thing about it is that we try to make it a point not to watch things that make us grumpy on Sundays, and about half of the unwatched DVDs run a high risk of making us grumpy. Of course this raises the question of why we bought them to begin with... Well, in most cases it's a matter of being part of something we started and hate to give up even though it's not that great (like the Tinker Bell movies (the first one's cute, the second one's pretty good, the third one's ugh, the fourth one's okay but some of the premise is more than a bit silly, the fifth one's uuuugh, and we haven't seen the sixth one yet, but it was Logan's favorite movie for a while)), or being a Disney movie we saw in theaters once and didn't hate, so we bought as a show of support and before we realized that sometimes it's the second viewing that makes or breaks our opinion of a movie.

Anyway. We narrowed it down to Aladdin, The Jungle Book, and A Tiger Walks. A Tiger Walks is a movie we found out about when Andreas Deja did a blog post about the reference material Milt Kahl used when working on Shere Khan. It's a live action Disney movie about--you guessed it--a tiger! And since tigers are among my favorite animals, we had to get it. And we chose to watch it because we want to be more informed about the old live action Disney movies. It turned out to also have a connection to Aladdin, because the tiger's name was Rajah! So there you have it(?).

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Today I'm thankful for getting to see A Tiger Walks, getting to eat some strawberry shortcake cookies, finally finishing a translation, not having too difficult a time herding cats today, and the neighbors getting a big outdoor umbrella to shelter the patio cats from the rain.