January 8th, 2017


52 Stories

Since our ward meets earlier this year, we have a bunch of free time on Sundays, which is great because we have a ton of stuff we never have time to do that's totally Sabbath-appropriate, like weaving and spinning and reading and watching wholesome movies and practicing the concertina. Naturally this results in Sunday afternoons of us asking, "So what do we want to do now?" "Uh...I dunno." This is the problem with having too many options.

And so, as a result of too many options, we do the only logical thing, which is to find something completely unrelated to any of those things. Lately, something at LDS.org has caught our attention, and it's the 52 Stories Project. (There's a hashtag that goes with it, but as far as I know LJ doesn't use hashtags, and for some reason I find the hashtag to be mildly annoying in this situation.) There's an article all about it here, but basically the point is to write about your life, like, to keep a record of it and stuff. And to help you get started, instead of saying, "Just sit down and write down everything you remember about your life!", it gives you questions to answer.

I thought, "Aha! I was wondering what to write about on LJ today anyway!" But then we thought about it and realized that a lot of these questions would get different answers from each of us, and since I'm the only one writing on LJ, Athena's answers would be lost to the ether... So now we have to figure out if we want to pull out our physical journals and write in them, or boot up the laptop for different computer files that may or may not be posted on the internet, and if we do decide to post on the internet, wouldn't it be neat to maybe do one of the things we thought about doing a long time ago and improve our Japanese skills by answering the questions in Japanese blog posts? ...That one might be a little too daunting.

But anyway, we have a harder question to answer, because! the questions for the stories come in not one but three different formats! And if it was just a matter of, "Here, we'll just post it in text on Facebook, or you can download this PDF, or have this graphic!" it would be fine, but it's not that simple. First, you have the poster that has a question for each week. And then there's the graphics that were clearly designed to be posted each week on Facebook. That's fine, one question a week, no big deal there, right? Wrong! Not all the questions are the same! But many of them are! And it's very confusing. I think we'd probably just pick the question that will be posted on Facebook, because they look prettier overall.

But then! there's the "Monthly Themed Quizzes," that have twelve questions for every month! And not all the weekly questions are part of the monthly question set! It's kind of nice, though, because with twelve questions for each month, if the idea is to write something once a week, you have the option of saying, "I don't really have anything to say about this one, so I'll do this one instead."

And now we're faced with the whole "two many options" problem again. It's probably a good lesson, though, since one of the greatest gifts we have in life is our ability to choose, and if you narrow the choices, you lessen the ability to choose, so it's a good thing. But since it's haaaarrrrd, we came to vent on LiveJournal instead. And I just keep thinking about Ursula: "Live's full of tough choices, isn't it?"

Today I'm thankful for the ability to choose, options, neat ideas like the 52 Stories Project, having lots of free time, and journals.
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