January 7th, 2017


Of cats and skating

We've been having a bit of a...um...I'm not sure how to describe it, because it's sort of a dilemma, but I feel like that word is a little too strong for it. Some of you may remember that our neighbor's patio has basically become a hangout for all the neighborhood strays, and that one of those strays--we call her Bamboo--has developed an especial fondness for the inside of our apartment.

She used to just come in whenever Page wanted to go outside, ask for us to pet her, eat some food, explore for a bit, and leave with everybody else. Then she developed a habit of walking away from the door whenever it seemed like we were going to try to herd her out of it, so we'd close the door and let her stay, and about half an hour to an hour later, she'd be ready to go when we opened the door again. Now she likes to stay for a few hours. She knows to give Page her space, so that's not really a problem, but today we left her to hang out in the living room while we came into the office to watch anime. A little while later, she seemed to want to join us, but Page protested and she was like, "Oh, okay, sorry to bother you," and she left. And I felt so bad, and I wondered if she wanted the company. She has plenty of friends and family outside, but...I just don't know.

But anyway, speaking of anime, we watched another couple of episodes of Yuri on Ice. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having new Nestle Tollhouse Strawberry Shortcake cookie dough to try at some point when we feel like putting things in the oven for a while, having a nice new corner of the floor with a blanket for Page (we put our Christmas tree away today), the yummy strawberry donuts we had today, getting to sleep in this morning, and Bamboo and Page not fighting.