January 5th, 2017


Same old same old

Well, we are back from Disneyland, and as usual, we are surprised at how incompetent we have been rendered by this excursion. You'd think it would stop surprising us at this point, but I don't know. This is what we get for making any assumptions at all. We thought we would watch World of Color, watch the fireworks, then go home and be in bed only slightly later than usual. Instead, we watched the fireworks, watched the second World of Color, then got ice cream on Main Street and hung out until about ten minutes before closing, and boarded It's A Small World (a fifteen-minute ride) three minutes before midnight, and we're still wondering how in the world it took us that long to get from that bench on Main Street (close to the hub) to It's A Small World in seven minutes when the crowds were virtually gone. Maybe it took us a while to decide that that's what we actually wanted to do. Yeah, let's go with that, because it's the only thing that makes sense.

Aaaanyway. It was a good time. The crowds were completely ridiculous so we determined early on that we weren't going to go on any ride (until about ten minutes before closing). We did a lot of sitting on benches and enjoying the ambiance. We spotted my hummingbird during one of these sessions, so that was pretty great. We said hi to Farley, and we watched the parade, and we watched Mickey and the Magical Map, because we are masochists. Well, no, we watched it because Gaston has been trying to watch it for a while and it's never been playing, and we went because...we are masochists. It's just not that good, and I realized that one of the problems I have with the premise (Mickey is trying to paint a spot on the "magical map" but it keeps moving so he can't paint it) is that when the "unpainted" spot moves away, the place where it was is now a completed part of the map. ...Suddenly I'm wondering if this is somehow symbolic. The map really is complete, but somebody along the line is covering something up... Hmmm.

Also, there's a big number that usually gets a lot of cheering where Pocahontas comes out and starts singing how she wants to see what's around the river bend, then Mulan comes out and sings about her yearning to show who she is inside, and then Rapunzel and Flynn Rider come out and start singing about how much they love each other, and then all four of them sing, "And at last I see the light," and I love a good love story as much as the next guy, but I fail to see how Rapunzel and Flynn's romance has so enlightened Pocahontas and Mulan. It just doesn't make sense.

As we hopped back and forth between Disneyland and California Adventure and Downtown Disney, we noticed a sign that said Disneyland was full, so we were kind of worried that if we left Disneyland they wouldn't let us back in to see the fireworks, which is something Athena and I really wanted to do because the holiday fireworks show (going on until the eighth) was designed when Disney still knew that the magic is in syncing the music and the visuals. Nevertheless, we risked going back to California Adventure to see Gaston's friend from a play he was in, who happened to be visiting the resort with his family that day. We had a lovely dinner with Gaston and his friend catching up, while we entertained the children. It's kind of uncanny how children tend to gravitate toward us. We just take it as an indication that we are true Disney princesses, beloved of small creatures everywhere.

After that, we dashed back to Disneyland to see if they'd let us back in, and to our great relief, they did! And we got to see the fireworks and it was beautiful and I got a lot of sunscreen in my eyes, which was weird, because I wasn't even wearing any.

Then we watched World of Color, which was pretty good, I guess, and I already told the rest of this story. We slept in a little tiny bit (not enough to make up for how late we were up) and then Gaston decided that he wanted to try the German restaurant he's been hearing about. (Whenever we run into a cast member whose nametag says they're from Germany or Switzerland, he'll strike up a conversation in German with them.) So we went there and we had German pancakes for breakfast! (He had an omelet.) And they were delicious, like donuts but a lot less greasy, and, of course, shaped more like a large pancake. And they were covered in powdered sugar and served with a lemon slice, and I took the lemon slice and I squirt the juice over my pancake and it blended with the powdered sugar and was soooooo good. So definitely a win for breakfast.

And then we came home and died for a while and now we've pretty much given up on the idea of getting any work done today. We're really hoping this doesn't come back to bite us next week.

Today I'm thankful for another lovely day at Disneyland, getting to see my hummingbird, getting to see a beautiful fireworks display, getting to say hi to Farley again, and getting to try German pancakes.