January 3rd, 2017


Yuri on Ice revisited

So we thought we were going to have a more laid-back schedule. We'd just casually work on this edit and not freak ourselves out about it at all, because hey, we still have two whole weeks before anything's due, and another two whole weeks after that. Then we got an email. That wouldn't have been cause for concern in and of itself, but since our editor asked when we'd be able to turn a book in by, we thought we should probably check our schedule to make sure. Turns out we forgot about not one but two deadlines in the next six weeks! Ah, ha, ha! It's okay, though, because we're still at just one book a week, and we're not late for anything.

Nevertheless, it means we still don't have as much free time as we thought we did (although we probably still have enough free time). But the point is, that's why we only watched one episode of Yuri on Ice today. We decided if we were going to do this, we might as well do it all the way and we started from the beginning again.

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Today I'm thankful for kind friends who drive us to the post office, our packages not having been returned to sender, getting to go to Marie Callender's, making decent progress on work despite ditching it for adventures, and having shiny packages to open.