December 28th, 2016


Fire Force volume 1

We're still working on getting our schedule under control, but we made a lot of progress today! Fortunately, it turns out that the movie script we were working on is not going to take a super long time to edit, and that means we also managed to finish a chapter of UQ Holder! today. Now we just need to finish the movie script and one volume of a fairly text-light series, and we'll be ready for the new year! (Technically the manga's not due until January 2, but it sure would be neat if we could start the new year with a new project instead of finish one we're in the middle of.)

And today is Review Rednesday! We finally get to post our review of Fire Force volume 1! And maybe it's a good thing we waited, because we looked through an English copy over Christmas and now we have even more to say!

Collapse )

And there you have it! We hope this motivates people to check out the series, because it's a lot of fun!

As for this week's new releases, the eleventh and final volume of Your Lie in April hit bookstore shelves yesterday!

And tune in next week for our review of the fourth and final volume of Livingstone!

Today I'm very thankful for the lovely card Kodansha Comics sent us for the holidays, getting to look back at Fire Force 1, making good progress on work today, getting to translate a pretty cool chapter of UQ Holder, and having a breakfast alternative that doesn't require milk.