December 9th, 2016


All a-jumble

Wow, I have a lot of things on my mind right now. I had an orthodontist appointment at one, so thankfully we were able to finish our first draft on In/Spectre 3 before then, because by the time we got home, even though we did have time to get some more work done, we didn't have the attention spans. So instead, we did some internet Christmas shopping. This year, Athena and I are in charge of getting gifts for our stepbrother and stepsister, and we have a good enough idea of what each of them likes that we were able to get a gift for the former but the latter is trickier, and here's why.

See, she's a big Disney fan, which you'd think would make this much, much easier, because we live right next door to Disneyland, so we just need to hop on over there and buy her something nice, right? Maybe, but maybe not. First of all, some of you may remember that we spotted her at Disneyland yesterday. She recently moved to the area and has a bunch of cast member friends. She has expressed a desire to receive cash for Christmas, which could mean one of two things (or several more that we just haven't bothered thinking of). It could mean that, since she just moved to a more expensive area, she would like some help with practical things like bills. Or it could mean that her friends have offered to let her take advantage of their post-holiday cast member discount, which would mean that, with a bunch of Christmas money, she could buy all kinds of stuff at Disneyland, and possibly from the cast member outlet store. So if we did find something nice to buy her, it could be a matter of, "Yeah, but with the money you spent to buy this, I could have bought it and a ton of other stuff."

That being the case, if we don't want to do the very impersonal thing of just getting her cash, the awesomest option would be to get her something she can't get at the USA. So we spent an inordinate amount of time trying and failing to figure out if there was a way to get Tokyo Disneyland merchandise shipped overseas.

In the meantime, we just had to take a break from posting this because Athena caught a glimpse of a one of the neighborhood cats who failed to make it outside before we closed the door on them earlier. This is what we get for trying to multitask when neighborhood cats are visiting.

Also, we just found out about the new Kodansha licenses. We were especially surprised to find out about the rakugo one, because when we were visiting Kodansha in September and we were talking about Chihayafuru, our tour guide pointed to a poster of the rakugo series and said, "That's another one that can never go to the US." Apparently it actually can. I wonder if that means there's hope for Chihayafuru after all...

It's really cool that the Rakugo Kyokai Association is supervising the localization; that would be an interesting process to be a part of. But based on the fact that they're already talking about the localization and have a release date, I'm guessing we're not going to be a part of it, and that has us a little bit sad. But not too sad, because it would be incredibly intimidating.

But now, partly to cheer myself up, and partly to illustrate why this might be extra stressful, I'm going to tell about some of the feedback we got from our editor on Nekogahara! He said he really liked what we did with the dialogue and all the cat puns and stuff, and the readers really appreciated it. And we were like, "Aww, we were just doing our job!" and also realizing that sometimes I get more stressed when I get positive feedback, because when reviewers (and sometimes even editors, come to think of it...) say bad things, I can just tell myself they don't know what they're talking about and get all defiant, but when somebody gives me a compliment, I worry about whether or not I'm doing enough to show that I appreciate it and it's kind of silly but anyway. The other part of the problem is, when we get positive feedback like that for a volume of a series, especially when we're about to turn in the next volume (or just did), I wonder, "Oh no! Did we do that for this volume!? What if it's not as awesome!?" Which is especially silly because in that same email, he just said he'd already looked over the script we just turned in.

But the point is, if we were to work on a series that required a lot of feedback, it would be very stressful. On the other hand, it would be a good way to get used to getting feedback to the point of it maybe being less stressful. But for now, we'll just be grateful that we're not currently dealing with any such stress.

Today I'm thankful for eventually managing to herd all the neighborhood cats back outside, getting a tiny part of our Christmas shopping done, finishing our first draft of In/Spectre 3, getting to go to Joe's Italian Ice, and hearing that our editors and some readers are enjoying Nekogahara.