December 7th, 2016


Devil Survivor volume 8

Soooo we kind of disappeared yesterday. We were mostly playing Pokemon and watching the new Gilmore Girls, and kind of disappointed in the latter because it feels like everything was put on pause for ten years and it's all the same drama again as if nobody made any progress whatsoever in the last decade. But it still had some funny jokes.

But anyway, I have not forgotten that this is Review Rednesday! And as announced last week, we will now present our review of the eighth and final volume of Devil Survivor! Spoiler level: last volume.

Collapse )

And that's it for Devil Survivor! It was fun. ...I can think of times where it was less fun, but overall, I'm glad we got to translate it.

This week, we had zero translations hit bookstores! But last week we had a request for a review, so tune in next week for our review of In/Spectre volume one!

Today I'm thankful for getting to translate Devil Survivor, getting to try some sweet potato Bake Bake, making it halfway through the first draft we worked on today (normally more than that is preferred, but this is a wordy series), finally getting a fishing rod in Pokemon Moon, and amusing plots involving cinnamon.