October 17th, 2016


On the roof

I feel brain-drained... We just finished volume two of In/Spectre, and boy howdy, that series has a lot of words. Even the final read-through took a lot of energy...but that might just be because we're already tired. When will we ever recover from last week? The answer: probably not this week.

Anyway. Last night I had a fun surprise when I walked outside to open the patio gate for Page. I glanced up to the eaves of the roof and saw one of the neighbor kittens looking down at me! It was the cutest thing ever! And then it got even cuter, because when I turned around, I saw another one of the neighbor kittens also on the roof looking down at me. Then I was all happy because of the cuteness until I thought, "Oh, no, what if they can't get down!?"

Meanwhile, now that the front door was open, all the cats wanted to go through it. Page went outside, Bamboo came inside, the littlest kitten came inside followed by his mom. Eventually, one of the kittens who had been on the roof came inside, which helped us feel better about that situation...until time passed and we still saw no sign of the first roof kitten, Tangles, who is also the second most bold about coming inside our apartment. That was the really weird thing; the second roof kitten is usually the one who's like, "Nah, I'll stay out here, thanks."

Now I was starting to get worried, especially since enough time was passing that all the neighbor cats had lost interest in being in our apartment anymore. I went outside to check on Tangles, and sure enough, there she was, still on the roof. She decided to hang out by the chimney, and she looked rather stately, pretending she meant to be there all along. But when I walked by, she followed me, with a look in her eyes that seemed to say, "Are you going to help me now?"

So we went inside and retrieved a chair. It wasn't a very high chair, so I could just barely reach up high enough that my fingers were above the roof. The idea was that if I held my hands next to the roof, maybe she would come up to them, and then I could grab her and safely bring her down to the ground. She wasn't interested in this plan, and remained steadfastly at her post by the chimney. We piqued her interest by rubbing catnip on my hands, but she was determined that that was not how things were going to go down.

At this point, we did consider calling the fire department as per the cliche, but we'd actually just called the fire department the night before, because a smoke alarm had gone off in one of the vacant apartments nearby and since it wasn't turning off I figured better safe than sorry. I've been in an apartment complex that caught fire before, and I wasn't interested in a repeat of that.

We also considered letting Tangles stay on the roof all night, and then, if the long hours weren't enough to motivate her to take her life into her own paws and jump like her sister did, we could figure things out in the daytime. But the forecast was predicting a 50% chance of rain, and we weren't too keen on the idea of leaving her defenseless on the roof, which could also get slippery and cause her to fall and seriously hurt herself.

But Athena noticed, when I went inside to wash roof bits off my hands, that when the chair had been abandoned, the kitten investigated it (from her vantage point on the roof) to see if it was a viable landing pad. She determined it was not, but that gave Athena an idea! There are bushes beside our apartment, which may or may not be how the other kitten got down, and maybe if we could make their surface more solid, Tangles would be willing to jump onto it. So we found some fabric that I probably am not going to use for anything (in case it had to be left there overnight in the rain, or possibly to be stolen or taken by groundskeepers), and laid it over the bush, then we came back inside so she wouldn't have an audience.

Several minutes later, I just had to check. So I went outside, and the fabric seemed completely undisturbed. Well darn it. But the cat wasn't at her post by the chimney anymore... Hmmm... I turned around to go back inside, and there was Tangles! She made it down! Yay!!! And it ended up raining (relatively) a lot last night, so boy are we glad she was on the ground. We don't know if she jumped on the fabric or if she found another way down, but the important thing is that she's okay.

Today I'm thankful for Tangles making it safely down from the roof, finishing our In/Spectre translation on time, Page finding a super cute snuggly place to hang out today, having a bag of Reese Sticks bites, and all the rain we got last night and this morning.