September 27th, 2016


Disneyland with the Fam

We finished work on time today, which meant we had some time to listen to our Soul Eater CD in preparation for working on Fire Force, hopefully next week. If we're really productive, we might get to it this week! But we're currently running a high risk of destroying our own work schedule due to a certain concert we may try to go to on Friday. This might involve calling Gaston over, which would inevitably result in the loss of at least one workday. It would be a terrible, terrible idea, but gosh I want to go to that concert. Or maybe I don't, judging from the fact that we haven't bought tickets yet, but I also want to be able to afford groceries, and all the vacationing has seriously depleted our financial reserves.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to take the nieces and nephews to meet Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbell (and Rosetta), getting to listen to our Soul Eater CD, castle walkthroughs that aren't all dark and scary, the weather being not quite so hot today, and not having to leave the apartment in this heat.