September 26th, 2016


California Adventure with toddlers

So we had a high of 105 degrees Fahrenheit today. It was kind of ridiculous, but it's supposed to cool down tomorrow. In the meantime, we're just work, work, working away, and now it's kind of late and we should go have dinner but I wanted to update LiveJournal first.

I think we'll probably cut the Disneyland report down to the highlights, but sometimes I have to do a chronological report to help me remember everything. After lunch and a couple of rides on the Golden Zephyr (the vehicles of which are coated in chrome, which is decidedly not golden and makes it a very difficult ride to look at in the middle of a sunny day, which might be why the line is always so short--nobody can see it), we took everybody to A Bug's Land, because it was about time we took the kids on rides that were made for them. That's when we realized that the vehicles for all the kiddy rides are made with really high walls, for like safety or something I guess, but it makes it very difficult for the children in question to see out of them. That's probably a good thing for the spinning ladybug ride, except for the very important problem of my not being able to get a decent photograph of the kids, and so I just say ugh and move on with my life.

While we sent everyone who was tall enough on Radiator Springs Racers, Athena and I watched the four littlest ones. The parents were worried about whether or not we could handle all of them, but we were like, "What? There's two of us!" And the two toddlers made it easy enough--we just took them into the store by the ride where they entertained themselves by staring at the toy cars for sale and tearing them off the rack. Athena tells me Gabriel would take them down and stack them like he was building something. On the other hand, somehow I got a massive cramp in my shoulder from holding one of the infants. But nobody begged us to buy anything! ...Nevertheless, we did buy something. Disneyland has had these spray bottles with fans attached for years and it was hot so we decided to buy one. This became the kids' favorite distraction whenever there was a lull. (Of course, we turned the water off whenever we were standing in line (so as not to bother the other guests), which made for a lot of, "It's broken!" comments.)

Celeste's kids love Disney Jr., so we made it a point to go see the Disney Jr. show, and I must say, it's a lot more enjoyable when you have excited kids to watch it with. Before the show, Logan was getting ready to fall asleep in Athena's lap, but as soon as the Mickey Muppet popped up, he was riveted. He was still too cool to participate...until the Doc McStuffins bit had everybody popping bubbles. He still refused to stand up, but we can't blame him for being tired, because unlike the other kids, he didn't have a stroller to ride in. He was a walking champ. Meanwhile, Michael was in the back with the grandparents, and apparently he was living it up. Celeste's husband took a video of him dancing to all the Disney Jr. songs and it was hilarious.

Oh, I forgot to mention! Logan did go on Radiator Springs Racers, but he didn't like it very much. He seems to have inherited the same nervousness we did, so dark rides and fast rides aren't really his thing, and the Racers is a perfect blending of both! Yay. Sorry, Logan! I'm sure you'll like it when you get older! (It's okay; Mom dragged us on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad when we were his age. It would be another eight years before we would be willing to try that one again.)

After Disney Jr. and the Monsters Inc. ride (which I'm not sure how the kids felt about; I feel like the cars were once again too tall for them to see much, but at the end Roz hit on our brother-in-law ("You're quite a hunk; I'll be in your closet tonight")), we went to Paradise Pier, where the four little ones fell asleep, the four big kids went on the big roller coaster, and we took Logan on Toy Story Midway Mania. He did pretty good, too! He had like 40% accuracy most of the time (for reference, I think my average accuracy is about 23%).

Then it was time for dinner, so Athena and I sneaked off to get milkshakes while most everybody else had Mexican. Except for Mom and Steve, who went to see the Frozen show, which Steve loved and Mom enjoyed about as much as she generally enjoys theatre. Finally, the boys got to go on Rollickin' Roadsters (and pick new car colors) and Mater's Junkyard Jamboree one more time, and soon we all went home. It was kind of nice, because Logan was so tired, he was suggesting going home, so I didn't have my heart ripped out by a small child begging to stay longer. And that's just one more reason not to bring the stroller.

Finally, we all gathered at the rental house to play more Drawful. Maybe not the best idea, since it inevitably resulted in people staying up too late, but it was a lot of fun, anyway. Athena got "Frank Sinatra and Voltron" for one of her prompts. Then we all went home to get ready for one more day at the park. But more on that later.

Today I'm thankful for having a fun time working today, getting to the grocery store and back before the super high temperatures hit, getting to see the Disney Jr. show with the right demographic, having muddy buddies, and finally having one of those spray bottle fans (which we might not use until next summer, but you never know).