September 23rd, 2016


Say I Love You volume 15

The family vacation is over, and we're back to a somewhat normal schedule. The only problem is we're completely wiped out and only barely able to function. So, even though ideally we'd be working away happily on a project that has already promised to be more time-consuming than originally anticipated, we're going to call it a day in the hopes that we can work more effectively after some proper rest. And we're also going to hope that the chapter of Cramer we turned in today is as coherent as we thought it was when we turned it in.

I don't really have the brain power to remember what all happened worth reporting on, so I'll save the report for tomorrow. And since three of the books we translated hit bookstore shelves this week, I really feel like we're falling behind on reviews. I meant to post one on Wednesday, but we were busy doing family vacation stuff. So how about one right now? Unfortunately, I don't have a catchy name for reviews on Friday, but anyway, here's a review of Say I Love You volume 15. Spoiler level: moderate.

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Today I'm thankful for getting to have a delightful vacation with our family, managing to finish that chapter of Cramer, Page posing like she's trying to touch her toes, still having our emergency ice cream (we bought it in case we got home from Disneyland one day and were in desperate need of more calories, since we tend to not eat enough when we go to Disneyland with people), and not having to go to the store today.