September 8th, 2016


Back from Japan

We are back from Japan! Tadah! It occurs to me that if we'd bothered to post last night, we could have posted a review for Review Rednesdays, but we didn't, so oh well. It looks like we've only had one book come out the last two Tuesdays, so maybe it's okay that we missed two in a row.

Anyway, we had a fantastic time, even if it was a little short. Traveling is so hard, because there's so much to do at our destination, but we still worry about our cat. We're either going to have to work out a better system or figure out how to just not worry about it so much. But soon-ish before we left, someone on Facebook posted something about how dogs' lives are so much shorter than people's that when you leave them alone for a long time, it's that much bigger a portion of their lives so you should really not do that so much. And I know it was probably talking to people who get pets and then spend all their time out doing stuff and only come home to sleep, but still. The other option, of course, is to stop traveling, but that hardly seems like a good idea.

And I'm rambling because we're still not fully recovered from that long plane ride and stuff.

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Today I'm thankful for another lovely trip to Japan, getting to go to the Noragami art show, making it to the hotel without too much trouble, making it home safely, and being back with our dear Page.