August 21st, 2016


Stitch Fix the second

Today we are going to talk about the return of the Stitch Fix. I think the timing of our first Stitch Fix was a little bad, because it was forever before we got a good chance to wear the new clothes that we got. We brought them to Anime Expo in case we ended up going to dinner with people, but that didn't happen, so instead we wore our new tops when we went to see Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. Steve took a picture to post on his Facebook while we were waiting for the show to start, and some people commented on how much they loved our tops. In fact, they inspired our little sister to order a Stitch Fix of her own.

Well, now that someone we know is ordering Stitch Fix, of course we have to get more, and besides, we're going to Japan soon and it will probably still be too warm for the heat tech and sweaters that we wore on our last trip, so it might be nice to get a new Stitch Fix so we'll have more nice, non-t-shirt tops to wear. (Not that we don't like our t-shirts, of course. I think we might wear our Chip and Dale shirts when we go to Disneyland.)

Anyway, the new fix arrived yesterday, so we got to see the new clothes our stylist picked for us! The box was heavy, so we were pretty sure there was another pair of jeans. This deduction turned out to be correct, and now we each have our own pair of expensive jeans to wear! Woohoo! (Or we will when we go fill out the survey and make our payment.)

But before we got to the jeans, first we saw the bracelet that was included. It's called an infinity something, because it was clearly inspired by the infinity symbol. Sometimes we're wary of modern jewelry, because we don't like it to be too clunky, but this bracelet was not that, and we like it a lot!

Then we pulled out the dress! We got a dress this time, and that makes me happy. It's a purple dress (verging toward red violet, but not magenta) with a diamond pattern in lighter purple, and it's a wrap style. The neckline goes a little lower than we like, but that can be fixed with a nice camisole or other undershirt. In fact, my only complaint about it is that the style is named Renesme. Now I don't have anything against the Twilight series (although based on my reaction to Frozen, that might change if I were to actually read the series), and in fact that anti-Twilight sentiment got to be so strong that I almost wanted to be a fan in spite of it, but I have always hated that name. It just is not a pretty name. But that's not really an issue, because as far as I know, the only people who refer to dresses by the design name are the people selling them.

And we got two more tops. The first one is a very cute sort of t-shirt but made of nicer fabric which is off-white with navy blue stripes, and the shoulders and sleeves are a solid blue. It also has a solid navy blue pocket, which, according to the picture on the fashion card, goes in the normal pocket place. But apparently this particular shirt was inspected by Death the Kid, because for some reason the pocket was in the center of the shirt. I'm really not sure how I feel about that. Athena says having it in the center separates the breasts nicely, but we're not sure that's a look we really want to go for. I think we'll mention something about it in the survey and maybe we can get it replaced or something. On the other hand, maybe a pocket in the center of the chest is fine? I really don't know anything about fashion.

(Also, if you don't know why Death the Kid would have moved the pocket to the center, then go watch Soul Eater, because it's a super awesome anime and is available on Netflix (at least it was; hopefully it still is). He comes in in the third episode, so it won't be much of a time commitment. And if you can't commit to three episodes, you could probably skip the second episode, and if you can't commit to two, you could skip the first one, too, because the first three episodes are all kind of stand-alones. But you should watch all of them, because Soul Eater is awesome.)

Finally, we got a top that is all gray on the front, and partway down the back. Just below the shoulder blades, though, the fabric switches to a sheer white with gray spots. We've never been a fan of sheer tops in any way, but it could look cute with the right bright color underneath. We're going to keep it, because it's a good excuse to buy more super comfy under layers from Uniqlo, but I think we'll say in our survey that we don't want any more, or if they're going to send something sheer, send something to wear under it.

And that concludes our report on this installment of Stitch Fix. Maybe one day we'll start taking pictures.

Today I'm thankful for having more cute clothes (I think for our next Stitch Fix we might ask for another dress so we can each have one), amusing reasons that the pocket may have been misplaced, getting to finish watching Soul Eater Not last night, finding out that we did have triple-A batteries after all, and now having batteries in our Moogle lamp.