August 14th, 2016


Long weekend

Oh man, this weekend. It's just been trying. And hot. When we left for the grocery store, the kittens were all panting, so we tried to find an eye dropper or something that we could give them water with, but the best we could get were some straws. We tried using them and it wasn't working, but fortunately the neighbor came out and she works in pharmaceuticals so she was able to give us some syringes, and we got the little guys some water. Incidentally, we also discovered that they're all boys, we think, unless what somebody once told us is true about how kitten genders look the same until they're a certain age.

Anyway, the heat and our consequent manhandling of the kittens is what we suspect is the reason behind the mother cat removing all the kittens from the box on our patio and relocating them to a more secure hiding spot. We were afraid we wouldn't see them anymore for a while, but when we got back from church, there was the mother and at least two of the kittens, so that was a pleasant surprise.

A less pleasant surprise Collapse )

...let's change the subject. Church was trying, because I was teaching the Sunbeams the lesson on, "I can say I'm sorry," and during the course of trying not to pay attention to the lesson, one of the Sunbeams stole a paper from me in a way that gave me a paper cut. I figured it was a good opportunity for her to practice what she just learned about apologizing, but she refused. Soon before time was up, I put her on timeout, and when it was over, I explained why she was on timeout and asked her to apologize, because that's part of the timeout routine, and she was still refusing. I decided she needed to lose the battle of wills, so I stayed with her through half of Primary, sending the other Sunbeam in without us, and mostly we just sat there the whole time while she struggled in silence.

Eventually it was Singing Time, so I had to hand her off to her guardian anyway, but her guardian did convince her to apologize and I almost wanted to cry myself. It was sweet and sad but happy and stuff. But then I just wanted the day to be over...but we ended up going to a potluck dinner for singles instead, and now we're finally home and tired. And still worried about Page, and not knowing how we're going to transport her to a veterinarian. I'm sure we'll figure it out, though.

Today I'm thankful for the kittens not being gone forever, being done with Primary for today, there being some pretty good chocolate cake at the potluck, the potluck not lasting too long, and getting to do some puzzles on our jigsaw puzzle app while we waited for the potluck to start.