August 12th, 2016



We got an email recently from one of our video game agencies asking us to update our resume, so that's something we spent some time on. We realized that we haven't updated our resume in like three years or so. It makes sense--we weren't really looking for work when we were trying to reorganize everything after the fire, and after that things picked up pretty quick so we were too busy to worry about sending out a resume.

But we finally added all of the new things we've worked on since that time, except for some of the ones that haven't been published yet, like Nekogahara, and since we now had a handy-dandy up-to-date list of (almost) everything we worked on, we wanted to add up all the numbers and see how many books we've translated in our career. And the grand total was...484. It's a little underwhelming. Athena just remembered that we didn't include any of the Harlequin manga, so that would probably put us over five hundred, but man, really? We translated about sixty books last year, and we're getting close to fifty so far this year, which means we've translated over a hundred books in the last twenty months, and that's about a fifth of all the books we've ever translated. Since we've been translating for about thirteen years now, it just seems a little unbalanced.

Oh well, it's not really a big deal. More importantly, we discovered that we apparently haven't updated our resume since we got this computer, which means we didn't have a resume file anywhere on our hard drive. And that means that in order to find our most recent resume, we searched through our sent email, and we discovered just how shameless we were when trying to get a certain publisher's attention.

So now, for your enjoyment, I will present our shameless email to all of you! Completely unedited save for one redacted bit. (This isn't the first email we sent them, so we didn't start out this shameless.)

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And here's a review from someone who read the email: "I don't know what we were thinking. - Athena Nibley"

Today I'm thankful for amusing trips down memory lane, having plans to go to the temple this afternoon, getting a 50% off coupon from Pizza Hut yesterday (and when we get 50%, that's like a sign that we need to order pizza), Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi having a 0-AP festival, and getting to take it easy this weekend.