August 9th, 2016


Noragami stage show

Those of you following us on Facebook will know that we have now officially booked our flight to Tokyo. Tadah! We are so going to be at that Noragami art show! But we're also freaking out a little, which is why we decided not to get back to work today, even though we're so close to finishing the last volume of Your Lie in April. It's okay; we got the full effect of the story when we did our first draft back in June.

I'm not sure I can fully think straight, but I wanted to talk about the Noragami stage show. Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for deals on airfare to Tokyo, having enough room in our schedule that it's okay to stop working for the day, the wonderful casting job that went into the Noragami stage show, getting to try some Pokemon gummies yesterday (supposedly the flavors evolved if you combined them...I didn't really get that), and having a super cool hydraulic robot arm that we built ourselves.