August 6th, 2016


From tropical islands to volcanic mountains

We seem to have a miraculous amount of free time today, despite all the eventfulness! It's amazing!

So we were a little too busy to post yesterday, which I sort of want to blame on Complex Age, but it's really not Complex Age's fault. We knew going in that if we wanted to finish a whole first draft in a day we were going to have to work a little bit later than usual, and we should have known it even more considering the cospedia. Sigh, the cospedia. It does have some neat information, though. But we wouldn't want to translate our translation notes, either.

Anyway, the point is, we had plans to go to Downtown Disney for some shopping last night, and we were determined to let nothing stop us! So we finished work and we headed straight out the door! Bam! And it was good timing, because right as we were eating dinner at Earl of Sandwich, they started a show as part of Polynesian Nights sponsored by Dole. (I'm amused by the Dole thing, because Dole sponsors the Tiki Room, so I associate everything that's both Disney and Hawaiian with Dole anyway, and now here they're doing it again.) It was really cool--they had a band playing island music, and they had hula dancers and Samoan slap dancers and Tahitian dancers but I don't know what the Tahitian dance is called because I missed that part (I was distracted by the coconut shell bras; I didn't think those really existed (technically the ones they were wearing looked more like some kind of plastic, but it was the same concept)).

And the amusing but sad part is that I recently got a new waist pack to carry things in, and I made sure to pack it with the necessities before we headed out, but when we got to the park I realized I'd forgotten to transfer the camera. But that was okay; we're just going to be shopping in Downtown Disney--what will there be to photograph? Apparently there will be awesome Polynesian dancers. Le sigh.

After the show we did our shopping and decided that we didn't want to stay to catch Ghostbusters after all (we're interested in seeing the movie, but we were also interested in spending the evening at home, and also by then the crowds had picked up to "I hate the entire world" levels...not that that would have affected our movie-viewing experience necessarily, but it did make us more eager to go back into hiding).

Then today! We went to lunch with Mom and Steve and Kimee at Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor, which I probably mentioned once over a year ago. Basically, it's a restaurant that serves ice cream. I'm pretty sure you could have figured that out. Anyway, we all had a light lunch and then lots of ice cream! They have a sundae called Mt. Saint Helens, which has two scoops of chocolate ice cream, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and a scoop of strawberry ice cream on the top, and between the five of us, we ordered two of those to share. Naturally, it also has hot fudge, as well as caramel sauce, whipped cream, and nuts. But the best part is that when they serve it to you, they put a soaked sugar cube on top, and then they LIGHT IT ON FIRE! And they have one of the servers sing, "This ice cream's on FIRE!" (I wanted to spell that "fire" as two syllables to maximize the effect, but I couldn't come up with a way to do that that looked good, so I gave up on it.) And before they leave you to your ice cream they add helpfully, "Don't eat the fire." It was awesome.

And then when we finished the ice cream, we each got a ribbon! Because when you order one of the big sundaes, you get a ribbon for finishing it. We all sort of feel like we cheated because we shared, but they still make you work for it, especially if you're the type who doesn't like calling attention to yourself, because, for example, with this one, our waitress brought a bunch of other servers over to tell them the story of how we scaled Mt. Saint Helens, and she said that of course when we got to the top, the first thing we did was yodel. Then we all had to reenact the yodeling scene, which is a really great concept, but the yodel they chose was kind of boring, so I was a little disappointed. But it was still a lot of fun.

And the best part is, we managed to finish the ice cream without getting sick. We did not succeed in doing that last time. I'm wondering if the concept of sharing ice cream makes it easier to eat more than if I were faced with eating an entire (smaller) sundae on my own. Next time, we want to try the Gibson Girl sundae, which we're told is the sweetest thing on the menu--vanilla ice cream and rainbow sherbet covered in butterscotch and cherry nectar (of the Gods, it said on the menu).

Then Mom took us grocery shopping, and now here we are done with our to-do list and a whole afternoon ahead of us! If we were really responsible, we could, like, clean our apartment, but we think we've had too much adventure for that.

Today I'm thankful for having a mostly lovely time at Downtown Disney last night, getting to see the Polynesian performers, getting to go to Farrell's with everyone, managing to eat our ice cream without getting sick, and the ice cream being quite delicious. Also, the waitress heard that we were just going to have cheese sticks as our meal, so she made sure we each got an extra one. She was great.