August 4th, 2016


About those Yume Twins boxes

Not only did we finish our work on time today, we finished just early enough that it didn't make sense to start on something else, so we've had the freest afternoon we've had in a long time. I almost wasn't sure what we were going to do with all that extra time, but we already spent it playing Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi. They keep adding story quests! How are we supposed to ever catch up!?

Anyway, I think I've already mentioned all the big news that's going on in our neck of the woods...well, except for the fact that the young woman who wanted to be our roommate has found other lodgings and will be moving into them within the next week or so. But since she's not moving to our city and we don't know her all that well, I don't think that's going to mean much for us. The only reason it even counts is that Mom and Steve are going to help her move, which means we have plans to see them this weekend. Tadah!

So now I've talked about all the big news that's going on in our neck of the woods, and the camera is still rolling, so I was thinking of talking about Yume Twins. I already explained that we had to subscribe because we already had a Tokyo Treat subscription and this new one has "twins" in the name. This does mean that they have a pair of twin mascot characters, who are often portrayed in one of two different styles, both of which are cute in their own different ways.

I think the concept behind this crate is "yume kawaii", meaning "dream cute", and I think that just means like fairy tales and princesses and Hello Kitty. Sanrio was all the rage when we were kids, but somehow we never got into it. Hello Kitty's cute enough, but she's not really our thing. Nevertheless, the Yume Twins boxes are full of adorableness. And every month you get at least one, maybe two plushies! And since we have a weakness for plushies, we consider it a win. Also, there's a surprising amount of stuff in these boxes! It mostly reminds me of the kind of toys you could get in the quarter vending machines at Toys R Us--rings and little tiaras and stuff.

But in the last box, we also got a pair of My Melody socks, a portable whiteboard, and a handkerchief. And not one but two plushies! The first one was a poodle plush, which is so soft and cute and has bows on its ears and is pink! The other one is really funny, because it's a Hello Kitty plush, which is also very soft, and is holding a little plastic heart that says "Misaki-chan" on it. The booklet that explains what all your stuff is says that each plush has an authentic Japanese name on it! It seems like it should be the beginning of some sort of sidequest. We must find Misaki-chan and get more instructions from her (or him; there might be a guy named Misaki, or it could be a last name).

In the first box, we got a Sailor Pluto plushie. I may have mentioned this before. Every time they have a set of plushies, they say, "There were X different kinds, so hopefully you got your favorite!" As a matter of fact, I think Pluto is one of my favorites, mostly because of Rei Saito in the musicals. But having rewatched the anime recently, I still can't help but think, "You had one job, Pluto!"

We also got a coin purse in each box so far. We'll see if the third one keeps that up. That wouldn't be such a bad thing, because the first time we went to Japan, somebody warned us that we'd want a coin purse, so we had one and it was great, but we'd lost it by the second time we went to Japan, and we kiiiiinda wished we'd still had it. I think it was the first box that came with a lovely embroidered towel. But anyway, I think that about covers it. It's a pretty fun subscription.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work early, getting to make a little more progress in Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi, having at least two coin purses for the next time we go to Japan, having plans to see family this weekend, and being down to only four things on our list that we have to finish in the next two and a half weeks.