July 31st, 2016


Noragami event DVD

Oh man, yesterday was so nice and relaxing. After we bought groceries, we decided to blow off all our other responsibilities and watch our DVD of the Noragami event that they held in June 2014. There were an afternoon event and an evening event, and the DVD has all of both, so it was four hours long. Actually, we were already a little familiar with what was going to happen, because, as longtime readers may remember, we came across another fan's report of the afternoon event back when we were working on Stray Stories. (You can read our report of the report here!)

But now we got to see all of it for ourselves! And there are some things we saw that we didn't seem to get from the other report, and some things in the report that we either missed or that didn't really happen. I would assume we just missed it, because there were no subtitles or captions, and spoken Japanese is a lot harder to understand than written Japanese (we discovered that if we turn on the captions for Tiger & Bunny The Live (for example), we have a much easier time following the story).

So now I want to talk about it, because it was sooooo amazing and we loved it so much and it's making it a lot harder to resist flying off to Japan for the Noragami art exhibit in about three weeks.

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...And that about sums up the afternoon event. Of course the evening event was a lot of fun, too, but we're already running late for dinner because somebody posted a ridiculously long article on Facebook and for some reason we read the whole thing.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the Noragami event, the DVD coming with a smaller version of the pamphlet that they sold at the event (and showed off during the commercial break, commenting on how cool Kazuhiko Inoue-san looks), Page's fountain arriving yesterday (she has definitely investigated it, but we don't know if she's drinking from it; she does, however, seem to be drinking more from her regular water, so at least it's a partial success, I think), live seiyuu readings, and having chocolate to look forward to.