July 28th, 2016

kid flash

We're in demand

We had unreasonably hoped to finish an entire volume of Corpse Party in one day this week, and weren't surprised when that turned out to not happen. That was sort of okay, because The Prince in His Dark Days isn't so hard, or at least the first volume wasn't, so we figure we can finish it by the end of the week. But then we were working on it, and there was a lot of stuff that had us worried about how long it would take to edit, and when things start taking a long time on one series, we start thinking they'll probably take forever on another series, and we were already thinking In/Spectre was going to give us trouble, so we were thinking there's no possible way we can finish them both on time unless we really pick up the pace.

So today we finished our first draft of Dark Days, and then we went right on to In/Spectre, and now we have a first draft of both! Tadah! (This was only made possible because we translated the first forty or so pages of In/Spectre many weeks ago.) But the to-do list is still long, and the light at the end of the tunnel is so very very small.

And that's where we were when we got an email about the possibility of new work, and I'm so torn about it, because I love new stories, but on the other hand, our workload is already pretty oppressive, and any of these new ones would be in a ridiculously time-consuming script format. So for now we're pretending the email doesn't exist, and maybe later we'll make the mistake of looking into some of those titles (or maybe it won't be a mistake because we'll decide we're not interested in any of them).

But for now, we're taking the evening off.

Today I'm thankful for being in demand, finishing those two first drafts, deals on airfare to Japan that happen to coincide with when we would want to go if we decide we can handle that kind of recklessness, still having leftover pizza, and also having ice cream.