July 26th, 2016



This week has been a week of deliveries so far, all coming at awkward times. The first delivery came yesterday in the middle of eating pizza. I want to blame the fact that my hands were covered with pizza sauce on my braces, but that seems like a stretch. Nevertheless, my hands did not usually get so covered in pizza sauce before I had braces. I think it has something to do with how I hold it because this particular brand of pizza has crust that's kind of hard to bite through, so it takes some maneuvering to get my teeth to cut it now that they have braces putting extra pressure on them (and since the orthodontist told me to avoid hard foods, I try to put as little extra pressure on my teeth as possible, even though I'm pretty sure his reasoning is to not break the brackets or the wires, but anyway).

So I signed for the packages, because there were two! And one of them had our comp copies of That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!, which is excellent timing, because we just turned in the translation of volume two yesterday, and it had character profiles which told us that today is the leading man's birthday! What do you know about that.

The other package had to-be-translated copies of Noragami 17 and Fire Force 2 & 3. Fire Force continues to amuse us with its obis. Volume two had a blurb from the guy in Silver Spoon, and volume three had blurbs from Meliodas and Hawk from Seven Deadly Sins! I wonder if they'll get a blurb from Yato someday...

When we were finished watching Gilmore Girls (as we always do at dinnertime), we got right to work translating the pages in Noragami 17 that weren't in the digital scans of the individual chapters. I think I'll save my thoughts on those for the review, but we do have some other important things to discuss in regard to this volume. Namely, the obi has an ad for a Noragami art exhibit that's going to be held in Ikebukuro in late August through early September. And we've been wanting to go back to Japan anyway, so this seems like a good excuse! But late August is a month from now, which is pretty darn soon, and we have at least eight translations we need to finish before then! So it seems like this time it would be better to ask our friends in Japan if they would stop by and pick up the limited edition merchandise for us. We haven't given up on the idea entirely, but at this point in our lives, the idea of distant travel is way too stressful to think too much about right now. Nevertheless, I don't want to throw it out entirely, in case something comes up that suddenly makes it a lot more feasible and/or worth the stress.

The other delivery came this morning. It was pretty funny, because we were translating Corpse Party, and it was right when our music was fading out (at the end of a track) and a character heard a creepy ghostly voice on his cell phone. There was a knock at the door! Gasp! (But it was more of a happy gasp, because I knew it was our CD Japan order.) So I got up and went to the door...and there was nobody there! Gasp again! (Actually, I figured it was just that the guy left the package and ran. So really I was more confused to not see a package at the door.) Then I looked at the gate to our patio, and there was the delivery guy. He had just retreated to a safe distance because he thought we had a dog. I told him no, I have a cat, you're safe, so he came to the door and I got to sign for the package. And then I put it aside, because we don't have time for those things. (We got all the CDs for the recently-ish released Kamigami no Asobi game, and a CD album from Soul Eater to listen to while we work on Fire Force, which we won't be translating again for a while...at least, I hope it's not for a while. We have eight things we have to finish in the next month.)

Today I'm thankful for lots of shiny new packages, finishing our first draft of Corpse Party, beautiful Noragami art, having new CDs to look forward to listening to someday, and Takenoko no Sato.