July 19th, 2016



We went to the orthodontist today feeling pretty good that we'd turned in Noragami and finished the absolutely-must-get-done-now portion of Fire Force. We were hopeful, like there might be such a thing as the end of the tunnel, and we'd come out of it and be able to, like, do stuff other than work. We went to Joe's Italian Ice on the way home and had some raspberry lemonade Joelatti's (water ice with soft serve ice cream), and life was good.

We came home to a natural disaster. ...Okay, maybe not a natural disaster. Maybe more like an explosion. With shrapnel. Don't worry; it's just a metaphor. It was a schedule explosion. We're all fine, for now.

What happened was we checked our email and there was a message from one of our editors who was very very sorry for the short notice, but could we get such-and-such done by Tuesday? Tuesday! Ha, ha, ha! That's such a funny joke! ...Oh wait, you're not kidding.

The really sad thing is, if we didn't have big time-consuming non-work plans this weekend, we could probably do it without too much trouble. On the other hand, if we didn't have those plans, we wouldn't be as far along on Fire Force, so we would probably still be looking at not being able to start the next assignment until Monday (you know, the day before it's due). And with this series, it might actually be possible to finish it in two days, and I wish we could have told our editor that, but we didn't want to make any promises we couldn't definitely keep, and things have been taking longer these days, so we said we'd try but we might need a couple more days. On the bright side, it's a series we really like.

She also sent us some other deadlines, and now August is looking a lot more cramped than before. But we're still optimistic that maybe we can get a lot of these translations done super fast! and then get back to a reasonable work schedule. Then maybe someday we'll have time lol. (Suddenly I'm wondering if the "when we have time lol" thing is why we will never have time again...)

Today I'm thankful for the orthodontist appointment going reasonably well, getting to have Joelatti's on the way home, having a lot of really fun manga to work on, Page not attacking the kitten that accidentally ran right in front of her face in its attempt to escape me (it worked out fine, because I was trying to pick her up to take her outside anyway; we needed the kittens to leave so we could get to work), and the hope that choosing to watch anime instead of work this evening won't completely destroy us (our reasoning was that if we keep ourselves wound up too tight, that won't be good for us or our work, and that would be bad for our editors, too, so we might as well take a break).