July 16th, 2016



Well, the bad news is we're a lot more doomed than we thought. I was optimistic. We made it through about a tenth of our Noragami script in just one CD during the week, so I figured we could make it to the halfway mark without too much trouble. Oh, how wrong I was. I don't even know if this script is any good right now. It might be; I honestly just don't remember anything. Too much research; it blocks out everything else. And everything kept stopping. And it feels like the only people who talk are the ones that are hard to write. So...yeah. Just doomed.

But the good news is, one of the kittens let us pet her! Yay! She likes to sleep on top of a box that's pretty close to our front door, and she's at a point where she isn't too alarmed when the door opens (which has been happening surprisingly frequently for people who are so doomed with work, but we had to go to the store again today to get a water filter and chocolate). So I thought hey, she seems pretty laid back and not wanting to move right now--let's see if that keeps up. She was also asleep, but that changed right before I managed to touch her. She didn't seem to mind, though, so first I let her sniff my hand (to which her reaction seemed to be, "..."), and then I pet her! And she didn't run away! So I told Athena and then Athena got to pet her, and now Page is asking for attention, so we are very blessed in the kitty department today.

Today I'm thankful for having chocolate, having filtered water again, Curious Kitten letting us pet her, the hope that some distance will help clear our heads and make Noragami easier to work on come Monday, and Page being super cute yet again.