July 15th, 2016


Forgot to escape

I was fully intending to post earlier as a bit of escapism, but by the time we got from that idea to finishing whatever it was we were then doing, I was so distracted thinking about work that we ended up going right back to it. As it turns out, one of our brothers-in-law is a firefighter, and the sister that married him happened to call this afternoon, so we were able to talk to her about terminology. I kind of feel bad, because we actually didn't end up using most of the stuff she was able to tell us about, but just being able to talk it out with her was a big help. In fact, she's the one that gave us the idea about what to call the members of the Fire Force (like, the name for their profession), because it's not the same as the regular Japanese word for firefighter. But more on that when we write the review (at least, I hope I remember to include that stuff in the review; it occupied a lot of brain space, so it makes sense that I wouldn't forget, but everything is such a whirlwind right now that it's hard to be sure).

So as you can imagine, we've been working...and also sort of slacking off. We took time out to listen to a new CD as we decided which thing to work on after we finished our first draft of Fire Force. And then we decided to get back to Fire Force, and the table of contents took us so long that we were like, "Well, at least we've figured out that we're pretty much just doomed." That way we can accept it and move on with our lives. Very, very slowly. As we wade through a brick wall of work.

But then we talked to our sister and things started coming together, so it looks like we might not be quite so doomed after all! In fact, if we just had a good supply of chocolate and a water filter, we would be so good to go. If only we'd known we'd need those things when we went to the store on Wednesday...

Oh well. Back to work!

Today I'm thankful for our sister calling and helping us work some things out, the magic of thesauri, helpful websites that explain the world of firefighting, the idea of working on this series one day when it's not a hot summer's evening, and the super delicious Kit-Kats we got from Tokyo Treat last month (and finally got around to eating last night) that had chocolate cookie crumbs mixed in with the chocolate coating.