July 12th, 2016


Watching some anime

Well, step one of our ideal schedule went well. We finished our first draft of Noragami 17 (minus a few bonus pages), and with time to spare! I don't know if it would be smarter to keep working or to take advantage of the free time, but I think we're going to choose the latter anyway. Noragami edits have never been completed in a day...except maybe the one time when we had only one day...no, that was because we thought we'd have more time but the edit took waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay longer than expected.

Anyway, the point is, there's not a strong possibility that we'll finish it tomorrow (best case scenario), especially because this volume has another song, but on the other hand, maybe we don't want to finish it super fast, because we love Noragami and we want to spend lots of time with it. That being the case, we might decide to edit Your Lie in April tomorrow instead, because if we finish that quickly enough, we can feel better about taking extra time on Noragami. On the other hand, we should be getting the go-ahead on our two monthly simulpubs any day now, so there's no telling what tomorrow will bring.

In the meantime, we have been able to sample some of the new anime this season. But we haven't had a whole lot of time, so there were a couple of things that we only watched a few minutes of and, realizing there was only about one guy in the cast and he wasn't played by any of our favorite voice actors, turned them off and moved on to other things. So we've only really watched four new series so far: Sweetness & Lightning, orange, the sequel to the magical boy thing, and The Morose Mononokean.

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Today I'm thankful for having a lovely day with our Noragami friends, the adorableness that came in our YumeTwins box (maybe I'll remember to talk about that on Thursday), getting to watch some fun new anime, having free time today (what are we to do with ourselves? ...play Ace Attorney, of course!), and getting to play Ace Attorney.