July 10th, 2016


Anime Expo photos 2016

Well, the pestering was successful, and we have now uploaded all of our Anime Expo photos! Tadah! There ended up being more than I thought. I was like, "Oh, we'll just post all of them; I didn't take that many." And then there were over a hundred. A lot of that came from the Gundam cosplay gathering, where I took a bunch of pictures for our friend Cecille's sake, so I only left the best ones, and now maybe we're down to 90 pictures? I don't know I didn't count. But anyway, here's a photo dump, and maybe there will also be comments! (There will.)

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The end. We hope you enjoyed it!

Today I'm thankful for lovely photographic memories of Anime Expo, the timed pictures turning out alright, chocolate pencils, reminders to get back to posting pictures of our Japan trip, and cute kitty pictures.