July 9th, 2016


Finishing the report

I had something I was going to talk about before getting into the last part of our AX report, but I forgot what it was. Maybe it was kittens...? The other night, we had the door open so Page could go in and out, and we were in the other room on the computer, and she started meowing and meowing, so we went to check on her, and she was back inside, but she was still meowing, so we looked over at the door and there were three little feline faces looking inside. One of them was brave enough to come in and start to look around. Oh, how we wanted to snatch them up and take them to the vet to get them fixed! And then adopt them, because they're adorable.

Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for having an adorable Lioni plush, finally getting some chores done, getting to try the famous cupcakes, figuring out how to get our printer to sort of work, and having a lovely time at the Primary pool party yesterday.