July 7th, 2016


The highlight of the event

We're posting a little early today, because we're way too excited to wait until after work. Plus we already typed up most of this entry, so it's not like it will take that much time out of work, right? Anyway, this part has the highlight of our convention, so we hope everybody reads it!

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Tadah! And that's what we've been dying to tell people about for the last five days. But we didn't want to do it without all the proper buildup, so there it is now, finally. Oh man, it was so awesome.

Today I'm thankful for boysenberry cookies, the pace picking up on this Nekogahara edit (oh my gosh, you guys, it's so hard), the kittens being back in the neighbor's patio (they painted the building over the last couple of days, and since the kittens are strays, we thought they might be gone forever, but they're not!), getting to meet new people at Anime Expo, and having Milanos to eat later.