July 5th, 2016


Back to the AX report

We've finished our work for today, we have been well fed, and now we can finally get back to telling everybody all about Anime Expo.

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Now our dilemma is that we don't want to keep writing tonight because we've been writing long enough and we need to conserve energy (and we don't want people to get tired of reading so much all at once), but! tomorrow is Review Rednesday. So do we make two posts tomorrow? Do we push back Review Rednesday and make it a Review Rursday? Or do we have Review Rednesday like usual and get back to the report on Thursday? Hmmmm...

Today I'm thankful for finally having a capybara, getting to meet some interesting people, getting to go to some interesting panels, feeling loved at Kodansha USA, and getting fancy Your Lie in April t-shirts.