June 29th, 2016


Noragami volume 15

I had originally planned to review Devil Survivor today and bump Noragami ahead in line next week, but then everybody was so excited about a certain release that happened this week, which really is very exciting and we think people should be excited about it, but we still feel the need to protest in our own little way because...because. And then I thought maybe that's a bad idea, because of the one time Disney released Winnie the Pooh on the same weekend as the latest Harry Potter and scrapped all future plans for hand-drawn animation because shockingly (meaning "not shocking in the least") moviegoers didn't choose to see Winnie the Pooh that weekend.

But then I was like, ah what the heck. Noragami is an ongoing series anyway, and I'm pretty sure our reviews have very little effect on sales anyway. And most of all, Hiyori's birthday was yesterday! So in honor of Hiyori's birthday, here is our review of Noragami 15. Spoiler level: moderate.

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Oh man, that's good stuff.

Today I'm thankful for making good progress on work today, being sort of maybe close to finishing our costumes for Anime Expo, getting to reminisce about Noragami 15, our twitchy cat tail arriving yesterday, and Page having a new favorite spot while we work on costumes.