June 27th, 2016

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Around the World

Today is the beginning of Busy But Not With Work Week. First on the agenda was heading over to California Adventure to see if we could get on the new Soarin' Around the World attraction. It opened a week and a half ago, but we knew better than to try it when that madness was going on. Still, our passes are blocked out for all of July, so it was this week or wait forever. Technically waiting forever wouldn't have been that big a deal, but we had the illusion of time this week, since we finished our Say I Love You translation on Friday, and that was the deal: finish Say I Love You on Friday, you get to go to Disneyland.

So we woke up early to make sure we could get to the park before it opened, and the idea was to get in line if the line wasn't too long, and to get fastpasses if the line was too long (and if the fastpass return time wasn't too late; we have plans to go fabric shopping later). Both turned out to be true, so I ran and got fastpasses while Athena got us a spot in line. And in a few minutes, we were on the ride!

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After we went on the ride the first time, we went on Grizzly River Run, which was lovely and refreshing. We were at the park so early that not only was the wait time almost nothing, we got a whole (8-seater) raft to ourselves! We think that might be why we didn't get a whole lot of splashing until we went over waterfalls. Our raft didn't weigh enough to get down under the breakers. So that was a new experience.

We went on Goofy's Sky School, which used to be Mulholland Madness, a reference to a famous twisty California street. That's when we remarked that once again they seem to be taking the "California" out of California Adventure, something they also did with the Silly Symphony Swings, which used to be the Orange Zinger (same ride painted differently), I guess as a reference to California oranges. But in that case, I think Florida is more famous for oranges than California, so maybe that one was a "could be anywhere" ride already anyway. Of course, now is when all the Disneyland shows are hammering home the point that it all started in an orange grove...

Anyway, we went on the Little Mermaid ride, as we always do, and when we got to Ursula, I figured out what was wrong. When I said that to Athena, she pointed out that I say that every time we go on that ride, so clearly there are a lot of things wrong. (Or we are...!) But this time I think it's a legitimate reason. See, it's clear that when they first designed the ride, it was more of a, "Hey, why don't you ride in these seashells as they 'happen' to move by stuff happening with this Ariel person?" kind of thing, so we're basically just spying on everybody. That being the case, Ursula is making no acknowledgement of the stream of tourists going through her lair--she's just singing to herself. And that is why her big, fancy, expensive animatronic is not as engaging as some other animatronics I can think of. Or it's my prevailing theory, anyway.

(Athena also pointed out that, in order to make the guest more a part of the ride, they added a bunch of fish at the beginning, look at you as you ride by, which kind of makes things make less sense when you ride by Ariel finding the dinglehopper and there are all these fish looking down at you instead of her (when she's the one doing something interesting) and Ariel (queen of the human lovers fan club) pays you no mind whatsoever. On the other hand, we've been to things where, for example, a super famous Japanese voice actor is right there shaking hands not ten feet away, and all the fan girls are huddled in a circle squeeing to each other about how they sat at his table at the Meet the Guests reception. We like to think that Ariel is not that kind of fan, but we do understand being starstruck...but in that case...never mind, I've been harping on this long enough.)

After that, we went on Soarin' again, then we did a little bit of shopping, and then it was getting close to ten o'clock, so it was time to make for the hills. So we came home and watched Sailor Moon Crystal Collapse )

And now we've reported on the new ride and vented about Sailor Moon Crystal. I think it's time to have cake or something before our ride shows up to take us fabric shopping. Ideally we'll have stamina left when we get home to actually do some work on costumes.

Today I'm thankful for getting to go on Soarin' Around the World, being done with Sailor Moon on Mondays for a while (we enjoyed rewatching the original anime, but it will be nice to have more time on Monday nights), not getting our socks wet on Grizzly River Run, getting to on a couple of rides we like a lot that we don't usually get to go on, and our plan to lure the kittens into our patio working.