June 20th, 2016


Best cosplay ever!

On Friday night I realized that, in addition to being hungry, I was feeling kind of stabby in my chest, and we thought, "Hmm, maybe all the stress of everything has raised my blood pressure." So over the weekend we tried to spend as much time relaxing as possible, which is why we disappeared. My chest still hurts, but today I'm too excited not to share things!

Well, okay, first there's the "excitement" that comes in the sense it's used in the book Bambi, where every time Bambi is excited it's because something scary is going down, because I guess it's just that time of the month where editors are checking their schedules and realizing it's time to add assignments to the calendar. But we only have six things we need to do (in addition to Anime Expo) before we go up to Fresno to see Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, so it's all good. It would be even better if two of those things were not Noragami and Nekogahara due on pretty much the same day, but these things happen. And we're approximately a fourth of the way through that volume of Nekogahara already.

But anyway, speaking of Beauty and the Beast, this morning we were calling our sisters to see if they thought any of our nephews had the attention span to sit through a Broadway show (they don't), but while I was on the phone, the mailman arrived with our package from CD Japan! It actually came last week, but we weren't home to sign for it, and we thought they would try to deliver it one more time, but instead the mailman came again with a different package (our first Yume Twins box) and checked to make sure we got the package slip. We were disappointed (but excited for the Yume Twins box! we got a Sailor Pluto plushie!). And we wondered why he seemed so reluctant to just bring it back...until it came today, and it was huge! And we couldn't figure out why it was so huge, because all we ordered were two DVDs, a video game, and a book. But the video game was a limited edition package, and we didn't actually look to see what came with the limited edition, so now we were very curious.

Nevertheless, we were good and made sure to get our work done before we opened the package. It was a little hard, because the curiosity was intense, but fortunately we were working on Missions of Love today, and we love Missions of Love, so it's an effective distraction. We have since opened the box and discovered...a lot of packing material! But the limited edition of Ace Attorney 6 did indeed come with a large box (just not as large as the one it was shipped in), which, according to the contents list, has a little plush puppy, a CD drama, and...some other stuff I can't remember. I'm sure I'll be more excited about it when we actually have time to play the game. Ha, ha, ha...

So if we're not so excited about that (and I am, but I have to be judicious about where I put my excitement, because my chest still hurts), what ARE we so excited about? Well, let me tell you. First there's the other stuff we got--a DVD of a Noragami fan event (the same one we found a report of before), a DVD of the Noragami stage play (eeeeeee!!!), and...I think I'll talk more about the book later.

But best of all, we got a newsletter from ThinkGeek which mentioned a product that's either new or we hadn't noticed it before. But our notification of its existence was very timely, because we think we can get it in time for Anime Expo, and it's the PERFECT COSPLAY ACCESSORY!!! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited about it. It's a twitchy cat tail!!! You attach it to your waistband, and it's a cat tail and it moves! All by itself! This is going to be so great for our Hiyori cosplay, because now the motion will attract people's attention, so it won't just be like, "Oh, there's some girls in some school uniform," it will be like, "There's a girl in a school uniform with a cat tail...and a girl dressed just like her next to her... OOOOOOHH!!!" ...We hope. We're really not sure how many people are going to understand the concept. Nevertheless, we are ridiculously excited about this, and that might be why, when we got the email about the July Yume Twins box, and it said, "Guess what's coming in July! Poodles!" we were like, "POODLES!? THAT'S THE BEST THING EVER!!!" And we don't even really care about poodles, but now we are very excited about them. We don't not care about poodles; they are one of the more interesting breeds of dog out there.

So of course we had to order it right away, but we went with the regular shipping, so if they process it right away it will be fine, but if they put it on the backburner we could be in trouble. Fortunately, we do have backup, non-twitchy cat tails should the need arise. And Anime Expo posted their schedule, so now we even know what day to wear what costumes. It's very exciting, in the common modern usage and the Bambi usage because the convention starts in less than two weeks! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting our CD Japan package today, TWITCHY CAT TAILS! (I may feel like I'm more excited than I am because of my elevated heart rate), having plans to see Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, our work schedule looking like it's probably manageable, Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi having a thing where all quests are only 1 AP, and poodles.