June 16th, 2016


The new thing at Disneyland

As I mentioned yesterday, this week we went to Disneyland, yes I'll say it, to see the new Frozen stage show. "Hey!" you're all wondering, "I thought you hated Frozen! So why would you go out of your way to see it?" Because it's the new thing at Disneyland, that's why. And in all honesty, we were planning to go see it even if Gaston hadn't called...but that's mostly because Gaston has a habit of singing along with all the stage shows, and he was bound to want to see it next time he came to Disneyland anyway and we figured if we had to see it anyway, we might as well see it in a context that doesn't involve people in the audience singing along. And actually, maybe it's because it was the first time he saw it, but he didn't sing along this time...but there was someone in the audience behind me who couldn't help singing along and sometimes even reciting lines occasionally. You never can win with that, can you? I just sit back and question their taste.

So the plan was, since Gaston didn't have a whole lot of time to spare, he would start the long drive south on Tuesday morning, and we would head on over to California Adventure to get in line for the show. Little did we know (although we really, really should have), they have fastpasses for this show. Our lack of foresight caused us to leave late enough that the fastpasses for every show were all gone by the time we got there at ten-thirty (two hours before the first showing). Fortunately(?), there was a standby line, and it hadn't opened yet, so we staked out the area until it did open. But before we could get in line, there was a cast member who made an announcement along the lines of "if you don't have everyone in your party enter the line right now, the rest of your party WILL be shut out of the show." I only bring this up because I'm actually a big fan of this policy. As someone who has spent hours upon hours saving seats for party members while they go on Pirates of the Caribbean, come back, realize there's still time before the show, go on Haunted Mansion, etc., I really like this idea of, "If you're not physically present, you don't get a seat." I would like it even better if they would start letting people in the theater more than five minutes before the show is supposed to start.

On the other hand, it was rather inconvenient for us that day, when the last member of our party had a legitimate reason for not being there. Nevertheless, he did manage to make it in, and despite not having fastpasses, we ended up with some pretty great seats.

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And that was the main thing we did at Disneyland. Everything else was pretty much same-old same-old, except that we headed over to Critter Country and saw just how much of the Rivers of America landscape had been decimated to make way for Star Wars Land and we all felt very sad inside. I think Gaston said part of him died. So here's hoping Star Wars Land is worth it (to people other than the shareholders at Disney who are almost certainly going to make millions).

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the new thing at Disneyland, knowing that we're free to never see it again, getting our YumeTwins box in the mail today, getting a visit from the local black cat (who noticed an open door and took the opportunity for some free food), and getting to sing Beauty and the Beast songs on the way to and from Disneyland.