June 15th, 2016


First Love Monster, volume 4

Sorry for the sudden disappearance, everybody. On Monday, I had three teeth taken out for braces, and while I was taking time to recover, Gaston called and we went to Disneyland yesterday, which meant we wanted to take some time to work so taking the day off wouldn't be a problem, but I wasn't fully recovered yet, so we worked for a little while and then I needed to die, so we took the rest of the night off. And so we haven't really been available until today. And today is Review Rednesday!

So we thought we were posting the April 26 releases alphabetically, but the "monster" thing caused some confusion, so we thought today would be My Monster Secret 2, but then we were reading the review (to make sure there weren't any typos that needed fixing or anything), and it looked awfully familiar. So we checked, and it turns out we posted that review two weeks ago. (Check our "reviews" tag if you missed it!) The real one we were supposed to post was First Love Monster, which actually comes before "Ice Reaper" alphabetically, unless you count Ice Reaper as "Final Fantasy", so maybe it's okay. Anyway, here's the review for First Love Monster 4. Spoiler level: moderate, I guess. I mean, I mention something that would normally big, but nothing ever really amounts to anything in this series.

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Today I'm thankful for another lovely trip to Disneyland, having time to get a little bit of work done today, getting to finally try the chocolate mud pies at Flo's Diner, having all of our Hiyori cosplay (except for shoes and tights, which we should make sure to get...), and getting our Tokyo Treat box. This month's theme is supposed to be bizarre candy, but almost everything in the box was chocolate (there was one thing called "big squid somen", which we're scared to try, but other than that, chocolate). But that actually makes us happy, because we love chocolate.