June 12th, 2016


Fangirl dreams

Sooooooo I want to tell a story about our little daydreams, but I always wonder if it's a good idea, like what if the person I'm talking about finds this and reads it? Maybe they'll think it's cute and funny, too! Or maybe they'll think we're creepy. I don't know. But I think everybody likes to daydream things like this, and as long as it doesn't get out of hand, no one will be too creeped out.

See, there was actually a secret reason that we wanted to hurry and finish translating the Your Lie in April manga and start watching the anime before Anime Expo. I mean, it's logical to want to finish the manga, because we have to know how it ends, that's just common sense. But there was no real reason for us to be eager to see the anime, unless it ends differently than the manga, which we were kind of hoping it did, because of how Gaston was being when we told him not to spoil it for us (he didn't spoil it on purpose, but...just watch this sketch).

But there was another, less based in reality, reason. (Athena: I personally like to think that it's firmly based in reality, but...) Maybe less based on logic reason? I don't know. Anyway, the point is we got it into our heads that maybe our beloved favorite voice actor voices a specific character in Your Lie in April, and if he happened to also end up coming to Anime Expo, maybe he would be invited to go to dinner with the author and all the Kodansha people, since he's in pretty much every anime based on a Kodansha manga since Fairy Tail (this was really the only reason we had to believe there was any likelihood that he would be in Your Lie in April; we saw the first episode and knew he wasn't either of the two main guys).

Our impatience to find out who voiced this specific character only increased when we translated the second chapter of Farewell, My Dear Cramer, where they introduce a character who has the same surname as our favorite voice actor. Of course that could mean nothing, because we have no idea how common or uncommon the name is, and besides he plays about a million characters in Inazuma Eleven, and Arakawa-sensei is very likely to be a fan of Inazuma Eleven. (In fact, it was that character's name that gave us the idea to play Inazuma Eleven in an attempt to get help with the soccer terms. We've played enough of the game to know now that 1)it probably won't help us with real soccer terms, because the gameplay doesn't work such that there can be a running commentary, and 2)Arakawa-sensei almost definitely is a fan.)

Anyway, as we got closer to finishing the manga of Your Lie in April, common sense started to kick in and we were telling ourselves to be prepared that when we finally hear that character talk, it might not be the voice we want it to be. I mean really, how many characters have we looked forward to hearing in an anime only to find out that they were played by somebody we'd practically never heard of. Remember the Flower Prince in Labyrinth of Andersen! Then we watched the anime, and we were reminded that oh yeah, there is another male character...who was also played by someone that we really had never heard of at all. We read his name in the credits, and it rang no bells. The second episode with him is what pretty much solidified it in my mind that we would not be hearing our favorite voice actor in this series.

At the end of that episode, there was a scene change. It showed the exterior of a house. A very familiar voice said, "Ohayou gozaimasu, Sensei." And we were both like, "What." We were SURE he wasn't going to be in it! But now this character was talking and it really was our favorite voice actor! And now the odds of that character in Cramer being named after him are a lot higher, and the creator of both series is going to be at Anime Expo, and we should at least get a chance to talk to him when we get an autograph! Especially because we translate both of those series! Now all we need is for our favorite voice actor to come to Anime Expo.

Today, Anime Expo announced that a Japanese voice actor will be coming as a guest. It's not the voice actor we've been obsessing over. We're really not sure what to make of this. (The answer is: it doesn't matter. Just go and have fun, you silly, silly girls.) But it is Tetsuya Kakihara, who plays the Ugly Duckling in Labyrinth of Andersen. Maybe we'll bring something from that for him to sign (we got the special edition, which might have something with a good picture of the Swan Knight to sign, but we don't want to look at any of the bonus material until we're finished with everything, and that's not really likely to happen before the convention).

Today I'm thankful for getting to hear our favorite voice actor in Your Lie in April, fun daydreams, having double chocolate syrup for our chocolate truffle ice cream, having Famous Amos cookies, and having more chocolate in addition to all that.