June 11th, 2016


The Dragon Knight

I guess it's time for our weekly(?) installment of Labyrinth of Andersen. I admit we're having a hard time being excited about this game lately...or did I already admit it last time? Anyway, I think I figured out the problem. Not one but three of the characters' main personality trait is that they're not very emotional. In the case of Lune/Rune, he got slightly more emotional when he went to visit his family, and with the other two characters, there was a sidekick or something, but who cares about the sidekick? Oh well. Anyway, Collapse )

Today I'm thankful for getting to buy lots of chocolate at the store today, getting to watch five episode of Your Lie in April last night (I don't know if I'm just biased, but I feel like the music scenes are more dramatic in the manga, despite the lack of audible music; maybe it's just artistic differences? (Athena says a big part of has to do with familiarity with the music--if you don't know what the piece is supposed to sound like, why would you care when Kaori adds her own twist? How would you know?)), one of the kittens discovering the joy of sitting on top of the fence, getting all the bills paid, and the rain we got last night.