June 8th, 2016


The Ice Reaper, volume four

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another installment of Review Rednesday! As I mentioned yesterday, we have three titles that came out on the same day that we have yet to review. So how do we decide which review to post? The fair and balanced way: alphabetically. (I guess that could be biased toward words that start with letters that come earlier in the alphabet, but...I have no defense for that. All I can say is you can't win 'em all.)

And so today we bring you our review of Final Fantasy Type-0 Prequel: The Ice Reaper volume four! Spoiler level: high.

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Today I'm thankful for making very good progress on work today, progress being so good that we got plenty of work done on Your Lie in April too, not getting sick after eating ice cream soup (we ran out of room in our freezer, and we were like, "Our fridge gets cold enough! We'll just put the ice cream in there!" that's how we learned our fridge does not, in fact, get cold enough, but we wanted chocolate anyway, so we ate ice cream soup, and it was pretty tasty, and so far nobody's any sicker than they already were (I'm still fighting a bit of a respiratory infection I got when we were traveling)), ice cream still being pretty delicious even in liquid form, and the alphabet.