June 5th, 2016

kid flash

Busyness and pictures

We're going through another one of those phases where we have about a bazillion things to do, and some of them are work related and some of them are self-imposed, but we can never decide which ones really get top priority, so we panic about everything. I mean, of course work gets top priority on workdays, but yesterday we were trying to decide between two different video games and getting early work done on Your Lie in April, which of course we want to do before Anime Expo because the creator is going to be there and we still don't know how the series ends but you can bet most of the people attending his panel will know and we don't want to be spoiled. Also, we bought Inazuma Eleven from the Nintendo eStore, because it's looking like the most promising way to educate ourselves on soccer terms for Arakawa-sensei's new series. But we're still in the middle of Labyrinth of Andersen, with KamiAso waiting for us and a new Ace Attorney just around the corner. We're so conflicted. We went with Andersen.

But more importantly, we posted a bunch more pictures over at our Shutterfly site, so we wanted to post a link! And here it is! This album features our trip to the Black Butler cafe and a bunch of aquarium stuff. I took a heck of a lot of pictures at the aquarium, though, so we had to cut it off in the middle. This time it ends right before we headed to the second floor. So if you like aquarium pictures, not only do you have a lot to enjoy in this album, but you can look forward to the next one as well! Possibly the one after that, too, but it's too soon to tell.

Today I'm thankful for making progress in Labyrinth of Andersen (we got the Little Mermaid's endings; maybe we'll post about them sometime), getting cookies and cake at Bread Day, being able to safely give away the oatmeal raisin cookies so they didn't go to waste, having lots of new video games to look forward to, and making progress on cosplay (we ordered a bunch of things from Amazon that, when put together, will hopefully be a reasonable facsimile of Hiyori Iki's high school summer uniform).