May 4th, 2016


Your Lie in April volume 6

Today I had my root canal. I was pretty scared about the whole thing because I remember many, many, many years ago, when we were young, Dad had to get a root canal and he said something about it being one of the most painful things ever. Then when I mentioned needing a root canal to Gaston, who's father is a dentist, he started saying things about the procedure that had me terrified. It didn't help that the dental assistants were like yeah, don't get your extractions on the same day as the root canal, because that's way too much stress.

Well, as it turns out, the procedure itself was painless, thanks to anesthesia, but afterward, the doctor said something about how the roots of my tooth go too deep and if the root canal went all the way through, it would affect the nerve and I could lose the feeling in my lip. So now I'm terrified and my lip is still numb and I think it's probably because it hasn't worn off yet, but I won't know for a while.

But anyway, today is Review Rednesday! And it has come to our attention that when we reviewed Your Lie in April 5 a few weeks ago, we actually should have been on volume six! We were worried that we posted the review for volume five twice, but it looks like we just missed it when it came out in December. So now we will post the review for volume six and hopefully we'll be all caught up. We need a better system for keeping track of releases. Spoiler level: mild.

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Today I'm thankful for getting some work done before we went to the dentist, also getting to watch Bungo Stray Dogs before going to the dentist, Page going in her box, seeing kittens outside, and the root canal procedure being a lot less scary than I'd been led to believe.