May 3rd, 2016


Return to Labyrinth (of Andersen)

Today we are in a bit of a quandary, because we were asked to translate the first chapters of all our new titles ASAP so they could be used for previews. So we started doing that, and then we were told that it's okay if we can't get them in until the 20th, so we were like, "Oh. In that case. *throws hands up into the air and prepares to do something else*" But we also have a ton of other stuff going on in this next week, so we're kiiiind of thinking we should work on it some more anyway, but then we wanted to talk about Labyrinth of Andersen, and today seems like our best opportunity to do that. So! we decided to talk about that first, and if we feel like we have time left in the afternoon, we'll get back to work. (Of course, I also want to talk about all the new titles we're working on, so that was another part of the dilemma, but I don't think that will take as long, so it can probably wait until later in the week.)

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Today I'm thankful for finally getting to talk more about Labyrinth of Andersen, the Swan Knight, getting to work on some new manga today, learning that we had heard the Little Mermaid's voice before, and getting more new books to translate.