May 2nd, 2016

kid flash

Back on track

Well, we finished our past-deadline assignment. Tadah! And we actually finished it before dinner, so it's not like we've been working all this time (it's 9:30). We also happen to have busy Monday evenings, what with Family Home Evening and playing Kingdom Hearts. And it took some time to write the review for this book.

Anyway, it was almost surprisingly not stressful, but we were more than a little bit (but not a lot) apathetic about how it turned out. Since this series has an English adaptation writer on it, there was a fair amount of, "It's not really our problem." In fact, when we were afraid it was going to kill our souls and that our editor would be pounding on our inbox door demanding a translation right now or else, we thought about just turning in the 100% unedited version and letting the adaptation writer take care of all of it. Then I thought it might be an interesting experiment to do that anyway, only while she was working on the adaptation, we would be editing it, and then she could look at our edited version and see what kind of changes we made and how that would affect her adaptation, and maybe adapt it again and let everybody read it, and see if it did anything to show that even with an adaptation writer, translation matters. Also, sometimes I just want people to see our unedited scripts because sometimes they can be pretty funny. Also, I think it would be informative for people to see what kind of changes we make and how they affect the nuance (or if they affect the nuance, which they may not).

And that's all I have to say today. We have a lot of assignments still due within the month, but two of them are Corpse Party and two of them already have a first draft, so we're pretty optimistic about our schedule for a while. At least, we are when we aren't factoring in dental appointments.

Today I'm thankful for finishing that translation before we got in trouble, getting to eat plenty of chocolate cake today, getting a lovely call from our little sister (and still not having to work late into the night), getting more kitty visitors (they never stay long, though), and Page being super cute as usual.