April 30th, 2016


Happy my birthday!

Well, it's our birthday! Usually we're pretty excited about it, but this year is all kinds of I don't even know. People have been asking us what we're going to do for our birthday and we just have no idea. I mean, the obvious thing is to go to Disneyland like we usually do, but we can't do that today because it's Saturday and our passes are blocked out. Well, we could, but that would be an extra $200 we don't want to spend to be at Disneyland on a Saturday.

We knew we wouldn't want to go to Disneyland on our birthday this year, so we had planned to come up with something else that would be nice, but then all the dentist stuff happened and we were too drained to think about anything other than the video games right in front of us. We thought about going to Japan, actually. We had a brief chat on Facebook with our friend Kyoya after our January trip, and he said we should go to Japan four times a year, and at first we were like, "Ha, ha, ha, yeah, right!" but then we started thinking, "Actually..." But then there were taxes and then there was dental work and we haven't entirely given up hope of going before Storm Riders closes forever, but there's a lot of stuff going on right now so mostly we're not stressing about it.

Of course, we also make it a point to go to Disneyland near our birthday, and Gaston has already made sure that's happened. We went on Thursday, and first we went to the Original Pancake House for breakfast. They had really good pancakes in large servings for reasonable prices, so that was a good choice. We also checked out the fancy food stands they had set up for the Food & Wine Festival. They had some meyer lemon macarons and a chocolate caramel tart that were really good. They also had something called "flower field lemonade", and when we asked how that's different from regular lemonade, they said it was infused with lavender. We're not big fans of lavender, but we are huge fans of lemonade, so we tried it anyway...and realized that we are definitely not fans of lavender. The bitterness of the herbs was just too pronounced. Gaston loved it, though.

The other notable thing that happened at our pre-birthday Disneyland trip is that we went to the Stage Door Cafe to see if we could order something that wasn't on the menu. See, they serve funnel cake there, and the thing about funnel cake is that it always looks sooooo good, but then we order one and even if we share it, the taste of the grease is just too much and it always makes us feel sick. Our motto in regards to that particular item is, "Funnel cake is never a good idea." But they have a topping for funnel cake that's a brownie crumble and chocolate syrup, and it looks soooo good. (It is so good; we had it once before we remembered that funnel cake is never a good idea.)

So Athena had this brilliant idea that we should see if we could order the topping, but put it on french fries instead. So we went to the counter and explained what we wanted to the cast member, and she said, "Yeah, we can do that." She didn't even flinch, which was a little surprising, because people don't usually react so nonchalantly to chocolate covered french fries. She did warn us that we wouldn't be able to return it--that was the only indication she gave of, "Are you sure that's what you want?" But we got it, and it was delicious! But the chocolate syrup wasn't so good at attaching the brownie bits to the fries, so next time we might see if we can get it with hot fudge instead.

It was a beautiful day at Disneyland, too, and we had a pretty good time, but! we didn't get to go on our favorite ride because we didn't want to make people wait in line who weren't very good at waiting in line, so we made a note that we have to go again soon. This would be a very simple matter, but for two major issues. First, I'm scheduled to get a root canal on Wednesday. Second, we're way behind on My Monster Secret. In fact, we should probably be working on that right now, and usually when we're this far behind we would be but gosh darnit, it's our birthday and we don't want to spend it working! (We did spend all day working on it yesterday, which is why we didn't update, but this series is just so bleeping wordy!)

And so today we have watched our Saturday anime and we have to go to the grocery store. Other than that, we have some things that we enjoy doing that we will probably do, and we're finally going to pull out the Noragami souvenirs we got in Japan (we got two mystery box items that have yet to be opened), and try not to put too much pressure on ourselves to make today super awesome.

Today I'm thankful for the beautiful weather we've had these last few days, having Noragami presents to open, getting to get chocolate brownie french fries, getting to go on Snow White's Scary Adventure on Thursday, and the yummy chocolate chip pancakes we had at the Original Pancake House.