April 27th, 2016


Noragami volume 13

We're updating a little early today, because our schedule is weird! We're going to visit our friend and new ward member today to help with some lessons from the missionaries, and at some unspecified time, Gaston will be coming for a trip to Disneyland tomorrow. We should have known he was going to call yesterday, what with all the new deadlines added to our schedule. Anyway, in addition to wanting to go to the Food & Wine Festival one more time before the month was up (which we wanted to do, as well, so it's good that he called because we wouldn't have been up to walking there this week), Gaston remembered that our birthday is coming up, so there was talk of this being a kind of birthday thing. Not quite sure how that's going to go.

Also, we're still on Book Watch, so we're kind of in limbo as far as what we should be working on today, and when that happens, the (probably incorrect) answer is escapism.

But anyway, we can't miss Review Rednesday, especially on a week when we're set to review Noragami! (By the way, we're also pretty excited that a new volume of Missions of Love came out this week! I think we did that translation over a year ago.) So without further ado, here's the review! Spoiler level: high.

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Oh man, this series is sooooo good! You guys have to read it!!!

Today I'm thankful for getting to look back on Noragami (now that we're all caught up with the Japanese releases, we don't see it nearly as frequently (for now, that's a good thing)), getting close to another ending in Labyrinth of Andersen (maybe someday I'll have time to write more about that), having plans for a birthday trip to Disneyland (actually, we have tentative plans for two), really enjoying the series we worked on yesterday (and will probably work on today unless the FedEx guy shows up in the next ten minutes), and the birds chirping outside.