April 26th, 2016


High adventure

Oh man, yesterday was an adventure. First, we went to the dentist to get some fillings for Athena, and they're very...go-getter, I guess, at this dentist's office, because we told them we were going to go ahead and get the braces, and they were like, "Okay, let's pull out some teeth!" and we were like, "WHOA, hold your horses, there! This takes more emotional preparation than we have yet!" Except I was actually torn about it, because my bad tooth (the one that's going to be pulled to make room in my mouth anyway) is really sensitive to cold, and since I was there anyway, they went ahead and took the impressions for the braces, which involves shoving all your teeth into really cold putty. So now of course my bad tooth is hurting and I'm like, "Yes, just take it out!" but Athena had just gotten a lot of work done and she was stressed out and wanted to go home, so I said you know what, let's just make an appointment for later maybe. And then we went home and were stressed out at each other and then we resolved that but there's still a lot of stuff about the dental adventures that needs to be resolved.

We didn't want to deal with it, so we decided to just play Kingdom Hearts to de-stress. So we did that for a few minutes, until our internet started acting all weird. We couldn't get connected for some reason. So we got up to check on things and realized that oh hey, the power's out. Turns out we had another day off sponsored by our electric company! (Lack of email reminders strikes again!) And we were like, "Guys, we were gonna take the day off anyway."

But this time it was extra special, because when I went to call the power company to pay the bill and get them to turn the electricity back on, I discovered that my phone was out of battery power. I'm trying to think of an expression to accurately convey my feelings on this, but words are failing. I think it was something like, "......"

Fortunately, there was a time when Mom and Steve were all about emergency preparedness, so for Christmas, they got everybody a little red emergency light/radio/clock thingie that also happened to be a hand powered generator. And the reason they got that particular model is that it has a USB port that you can use to charge your cell phone! Tadah! So I spent a very tense several minutes trying to simultaneously charge my phone and pay the bill via phone, and that was not going so well. The phone decided to power down in the middle of at least two calls. Finally I asked Athena to charge the phone while I made the call, and there she was turning the crank on this thing while I was desperately trying to make sure the cord was in properly and the charging didn't stop.

We did eventually get everything squared away, and then all we could do was kill time while we waited for the power to come back on. But this was the fun part, because the PS Vita was fully charged, which meant we got to play Labyrinth of Andersen! We even made it to an ending! A sad one, but it still helped us feel accomplished. After that, we watched some TV (the power was back on by now) and had Family Home Evening, and then finally played Kingdom Hearts Unchained Chi.

That brings us to today, when I'm still trying to figure out a good tooth extraction schedule. The dilemma is that on the one hand, we might as well get it over with ASAP, but! in order to get braces, we have to somehow get to the special braces x-ray place and get special braces x-rays. We don't know how we're going to get there, and I don't want to take out four bicuspids when I don't have any idea when I'll be able to put the braces on to make it worth it. So we'll just put it off until we figure out transportation to this x-ray place. My tooth hasn't been bothering me as much these last couple of days (except for right after they put that putty in my mouth), so I think it will be okay to do that.

And it turns out that it's a very good thing that we decided it's okay not to just pack our schedule full of dental appointments, because today we got emails from not one but three editors reminding us that, oh yeah, we have a job. It's actually pretty exciting, because all of the stress from the dentist stuff has erased the idea of overwork from my mind. Now Athena's putting all the new assignments on the list, and I'm looking at the calendar thinking, "Oh, hmm, I guess that's pretty crowded..." Maybe we should stop playing otome games all day. But our copy of the new Kamigami no Asobi JUST arrived this morning! We thought it was going to be the volumes of My Monster Secret that we ordered, but no such luck. It's okay, that translation's not due until Thursday. We have seven translations due by the end of May, but that's okay, they're all pretty easy...I think. Two of them are Corpse Party, and it takes significantly less time to do two Corpse Parties than to do one Noragami, which is not on the list. [Change] less time to do two Corpse Parties than to do one My Monster Secret, which is only on the list twice. (Somehow in my mind My Monster Secret is something so mythical, it must not take any time at all, because that's usually about how much time I plan to take on it. And this sounds like a very mean thing to say to My Monster Secret; we like the series, it's just that we only do one series for that publisher so they're kind of reeeeeally off the radar.)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, adventures. No, the really exciting thing is that we sort of asked for three new titles from Kodansha, and we thought we got two of them, which was already very happy, but today we found out we did get all three of them! And on top of that, we've been asked to do one more. So when we don't think about silly little things like time constraints, we're very excited. And best of all, it makes us feel like we might be able to afford things at some point.

Today I'm thankful for lots of shiny new work to look forward to, getting to start on a new series this very day, finally getting our electricity back, emergency preparedness, and getting an ending in Labyrinth of Andersen.